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  • At-Home Facials

    As nice as it feels to outsource our beauty needs, there’s no denying that there’s quite a lot we can do for our complexions at home. In our quest to take better care of our skin, we’ve discovered some fantastic tools and kits that we love.  

    By Laura & Petro

    Sarah Chapman

    Pro Hydro-Mist Steamer£138

    This is one of my favourite steps in a facial, when the warm steam gently cascades over my face as I doze on the bed, knowing my pores will soon be squeaky clean. The at-home version is a decent substitute. It’s easy to set up and emits ionic, nano-sized steam particles that help rid skin of excess oil, leftover make-up and impurities. I went for the 10-minute session. Afterwards, my skin felt hydrated and much softer, and I could swear those crow’s feet looked a little smoother, which could be because, after a steam, all your other skincare formulas work that much better. 


    Antonia Burrell

    Facial In A Box + Cupping Massage£29

    Inside the bag you get one dose of every step in an Antonia Burrell facial. If you’re not familiar with her name, she’s a highly respected aesthetician and natural-skincare pioneer, and this is no slapdash treatment. There’s a booklet explaining each step, the formula and the cupping massage technique that really allows them to work. I followed the instructions to the letter, and found the whole experience to be so satisfying. From the gorgeous scents of her clean skincare to the massage and my glowing skin at the end, I would highly recommend this… if you have the time.  


    Susanne Kaufmann

    Pollution Skin Defence System£218

    I got hooked on this system when I received a sample in the NET-A-PORTER advent calendar. My skin looked noticeably smoother and more radiant after a week of using it, so I invested in the 15-day kit. There are three ampoules: vitamin C for brightening, ectoin to prevent damage, and Q10 to hydrate. You just snap them open and layer them onto skin each night until they run out. I found myself really enjoying the ritual of it, as much as the way my skin looked. It’s quite an investment, so I’d look to repeat it every few months or perhaps annually. 



    LUNA 3 Face Brush And Anti-Aging Massager£169

    This little device is brilliant. It only takes one minute in the morning, but it has had such a positive impact on my sensitive skin, which has felt flakier than usual. This smart-cleansing and firming tool really helps gently slough away all those dead cells, and my regular cleanser feels like it’s working more deeply now. It’s also helped clear a smattering of blackheads that I’ve been struggling with since professional facials stopped. I also like that you get 650 uses from a single charge, so it’s very low-maintenance. 



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