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    Ed’s Letter

    It was last May when we published our first home issue…  

    …We had been in lockdown for two months and were grappling with a new state of being. Nine months later, we are in a very similar position, but we also have hope as we see change on the horizon. For many of us, the past year has been a chance to rethink our spaces, create cosy nooks and corners, declutter when we could muster the energy, and find workspaces where there were none before. We’re more connected than ever to (every square inch of) our homes. 

    We are so pleased to have Martina Mondadori on our cover, founder of interiors bible Cabana, a collectable magazine that leads readers into a lifestyle world filled with treasures sourced from artisans across the globe. Beyond that, Martina’s personal philosophy around creating a home with treasured pieces, cosy textures and, above all, trusting your intuition so there is meaning in every corner, is something that really resonates with us, and we’re sure it will speak to you, too.  

    We also touched base with some of our favourite IG interiors crushes (you’re welcome!), to request an edit of their treasured pieces, living essentials and those bits and bobs on their wish lists. There’s Lucy Williams, whose stylish wanderlust translates into gorgeous interiors; Edit58’s Lisa Mehydene, whose dreamy renovation of a barn in the Cotswolds has me considering my own tree change; the woman behind some of the happiest snaps in my feed, Norfolk-based Paula Sutton; and, finally, the keen eye that directs the taste makers, studio buyer at MATCHESFASHION, Chelsea Power.   

    Don’t miss our Spotlight On Eva Sonaike, the incredibly talented textile designer and our latest Future ICON. A contemporary West African aesthetic is at the heart of vibrant soft furnishings that will spark joy in your home, plain and simple. 

    Then there are edits of the pieces we all need right now: house shoes, leggings and tracksuits. We’re making them work with classic staples and easy transformers for a whole new take on at-home leisure. Finally, Laura and I have upped our at-home facials game with a few kits and tools that have really made a difference. 

    Love Petro (& Laura) x

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