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  • Laura’s No-Make-Up Make-Up Essentials

    In the past few months, perhaps since hitting a certain milestone that rhymes with shmorty, I’ve reached the conclusion that my usual make-up no longer works for me. It just kind of sits on top of my skin, and it’s quite ageing. My skin has changed and I wanted new products that could give me a dewy, daytime finish that’s both subtle and flattering. After much field research, I’m happy to report back on the four beauty products that made the cut and all the difference to my complexion, too. Even better, they’re significantly faster and easier to apply, so I’m actually saving myself time in the morning. 

    By Laura


    Tinted Face Oil£40

    “If you have an oily complexion like me (mine is combination, so oily in areas) don’t be scared off by the oil-based formulation of this. The finish means the mineral pigments glide evenly over skin, and then the botanical oils absorb quite quickly, so my complexion is left looking more even and radiant. Even better, Kosas is a clean-beauty brand with a decent shade range. And a little goes a long way – I only need three drops for my whole face.” 

    Milk Makeup

    Matte Bronzer£23

    “This is the biggest make-up revelation I’ve had on this no-make-up-make-up journey. I’ve always used a classic compact bronzer applied with a big fluffy brush – it never even occurred to me to try a cream one, until now. The MILK formula is easy to apply and far more flattering. I dot it under my cheekbones and then work it into skin, blending upwards towards my temples with fingertips. The colour blends quickly and has a lovely, matte finish.” 


    Colour and Light Crème Blush£33

    “To give my skin a healthy glow, this is my go-to palette. I smile and tap the blush into the apples of my cheeks, buffing the colour into my skin for a natural, rosy flush. Then I press and blend the highlighter along the upper part of my cheekbones, eyelids and brow bone. It’s a very subtle and flattering glow that works well, even in the bright light of day.” 

    IT Cosmetics

    Tightline 3-in-1 Primer – Eyeliner – Mascara£21

    “I have fine, short, straight lashes, but oddly enough, I’ve never wanted a mascara to make them look longer or thicker. Really, I just want them to look like my lashes, only more defined. And that’s what this formula does: the super-fine applicator brush coats every lash just enough to make them look darker and fluffier. Most importantly, the result is natural-looking and provides the perfect finishing touch to my no-make-up-make-up routine.”




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