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  • Ed’s Letter

    Lately, I’ve been gazing into my wardrobe and wondering what to wear. 

    I am usually pretty decisive about it, but I guess I’m suffering slightly from being out of practice, and also somewhat removed from the way I used to dress. I honestly feel like I’m rediscovering my wardrobe. The process of pulling pieces out and thinking about how I’m going to wear them when we’re back at work or dining with friends is just so exciting. I’m finally in the mood to buy some new things (perks of the job!), but also trying to wear items I already own a little differently.  

    Discovering new brands is something we love to do at Wardrobe ICONS, so sharing recently launched Mondo Corsini with our readers is super-exciting. The capsule dress brand is our latest Future ICON and, because we couldn’t wait to wear it, also in our Spring Dressing shoot. You’ll love the timeless shapes, beautiful fabrics and chic accessories.  

    What we wear on our top half has been so important this past year, and now that we’re emerging from at-home life, spring blouses are the perfect way to ease into more feminine dressing, without completely stepping out of our comfort zone. We also have a wide-leg trouser style sheet, because it really is set to be the defining pant silhouette of spring and beyond. It’s also an incredibly stylish and flattering cut, so worth adding to your wardrobe if you’re yet to invest in a pair.

    And if, like us, your mind has been wandering to how lovely it will be to step out with handbags again, we have the 6 iconic styles that have stood the test of time. Food for thought if you’re in the mood for a new piece on your arm or rediscovering a long-forgotten old favourite at the back of your closet.

    Our resident beauty expert is tackling a topic dear to my sensitive skin: how to begin your retinol journey. I’ve had flare-ups from it, so know firsthand how hard it can be to figure out when to apply it and which formulas are best. Remember that Ava is available to answer your pressing questions. Although you might have to get in line because our team of editors seems to have plenty to ask her, too!

    Speaking of beauty, Laura is our resident queen of the no-make-up-make-up look. After recently finding that her usual favourites were no longer up to the task, she has done some field research to discover the best of the best to give you that natural, glowing look in the shortest possible time.

    We’re also getting excited about finally being able to socialise outdoors. After a long winter, we have lots of ideas about how to make whatever outside space you have feel more inviting. 

    Finally, we shine a spotlight on one of our all-time favourite dressing-up designers Simone Rocha, whose recent H&M collaboration had us virtually queuing at the tills for hours, and for good reason. 

    I hope you love the issue and it helps you feel as excited as we are about getting out and about – and dressed for others rather than just ourselves again. We hope you find inspiration to give old classics a new spin, while investing in a few key pieces to bring you that sense of reinvention that comes with spring!

    Petro (& Laura) x

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