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    We’ve started talking about our outdoor spaces at ICONS HQ, dreaming of days in the not-too-distant future when we can drink our coffee and take calls in the morning sun. Whether you have a teeny sliver of balcony, a sprawling garden or something in between, small updates really do make the space more welcoming. It starts with a comfortable chair or two and maybe some new pot plants and a cheery umbrella. Below are some bits and pieces I have my eye on to bring comfort and style to my garden.


    Edited by Petro Words by Brooke Le Poer Trench

    The White Company

    Double Deckchair£295

    “I love that this deck chair is wide enough to allow you to really curl your legs up and get comfortable – and it’s so easy to store.”

    “There will come a day when the sun shines so brightly that we will need an umbrella to create a little shade… and I’ll be ready with this happy number that has a vintage feel.”

    “Truth be told, I’m a little fussy when it comes to pots. I do like classic terracotta, but for a little colour, this half-glazed one, with a rough concrete bottom and sage top, has caught my eye.”


    “This pouffe is going to be the hardest-working addition to my garden. It’s perfect for perching on when friends visit, piling high with the weekend papers and a basket of pastries, or (dare to dream) as a footrest when I steal away for a moment of peace and quiet.”



    Bolleke Wireless Lamp£79

    “Lights in the garden look so pretty, but I’ve struggled to find the right ones… until now. I love that these wireless lamps are so easy to hang wherever you need them, and then easy to pack away until next time.”

    “I’ve always loved classic terracotta pots and this one will look so pretty on a table or ledge.”


    Armchair Plastic & Bamboo Armrests£183

    “The mint green with bamboo accents is such a pretty addition around a table or popped in a sunny corner with a cushion.”

    “I’m always dragging my indoor cushions outside on sunny days, so this spring I’d love to get some in slightly hardier fabrics for the garden.”  

    Eva Solo

    SunLight Solar LED Outdoor Stake Lamp£79

    “I love the idea of being inside and suddenly spotting these small delicate lights twinkling in the garden once the sun sets. It’s magical.”

    Spear & Jackson

    Steel Watering Can£37.49

    “If you have plants, then chances are you need one of these. This one is sturdy and, as luck would have it, finished in my favourite shade of green.” 

    “If you’re lucky enough to have a little lawn, then throwing down a towel and some cushions is a great way to extend your lounging area.”

    John Lewis & Partners

    Arles Wicker Wrapped Glass Jug£25

    “I’m dreaming of days when we can share a jug full of Pimms with friends in our garden… and this is what I’ll use. I don’t think it’s too far away!” 


    Set of 2 Lounge Chairs & 2 Stools£399

    “You really can’t go wrong with a classic steel bistro-table-and-chair set if you’re in the wearing stages of populating a small balcony or paved spot in your garden.”


    Large Indoor & Outdoor Feu de Bois Scented Candle£235

    “One of my favourite things to do at dusk is light a candle and have a glass of wine. Of course, this also coincides with a pretty busy time at my house, but if I can steal away, I do.” 

    “I’ve always loved a touch of rattan in my interiors, from chairs to cupboard doors and plants pots. It’s a lovely texture, and these pots will look so pretty with daffodils or violas.”


    Bregnac Hammock£99

    “Given that we’ll be spending more time than usual in our garden this spring and summer, I’ve been thinking of ways to make it feel a little more relaxing. Hello, hammock.”


    Garden Wooden Trug£30

    “I think I could end up as one of those women with wild hair, wandering around the fields collecting flowers for my table. For now, I’ll throw some fruit in it, or veggies from my teeny garden.” 

    “Is there anything prettier and more inviting than festoon lights in a garden? String them up on a fence, a tree or a couple of hooks along a wall.”  


    Braided Doormat£36

    “Stylish doormats are hard to find, so I’m getting two of these – one for the front door and one for the back.”

    John Lewis & Partners

    Pyramid Lantern, Medium£35

    “I love being in the garden at dusk on a warm summer night and lighting a few candles. This lantern will look so pretty.” 


    Kalos Plush Table Top Electric Heater£179

    “I can be a little guilty of forcing outdoor dining on my family, perhaps before the chill has completely left the air. So, this spring, my plan is that we’ll switch this on and no one will have anything to complain about!”

    “Ceramic stools are the unsung hero of stylish gardens everywhere. I just love how easy they are to place indoors or out and can immediately extend your entertaining area as a seat or side table for drinks.” 

    John Lewis & Partners

    Arles Wicker Wrapped Glass Tumbler£6.50

    “My wicker obsession extends to glassware, too!”




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