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  • Gradual Tanning

    As anyone who fake-tans knows all too well, adding a sun-kissed glow to your skin is a total mood-booster. You’ll also know that the most flattering tone is the one closest to your own true sun-induced tan, and that the only way to really control the outcome is to patiently add a little each day with a gradual formula. This is even more important as we emerge from the colder months, when many of us let our faux glow go completely. To follow, the tried-and-tested formulas we trust.  

    By Laura & Petro
    Laura Loves

    Amanda Harrington

    Buff & Bronze Face Set – Natural Rose£65

    “This is probably my favourite self-tanner. Everything you need comes in the pouch, along with detailed instructions, but in a nutshell: you snap on the gloves and apply the primer, then you spritz the fluffy brush with tanner and apply the formula. It’s designed this way so that you can contour with it, almost in the same way you would with bronzer, but I like an all-over healthy glow. Then I’ll often add a little more the next day, to my cheekbones, for instance. The colour is beautifully warm, and I always apply it at night, so I get that wow-moment when I wake up the next morning, all sun-kissed.” 

    Laura Loves


    Adaptive Tan Mist, 100ml£57

    “This head-to-toe self-tanner imparts a lovely golden colour, even when applied after a long, cold winter, as I recently discovered. My top tip for the best results is to really blend it in and remember the elbows and other spots where it can build up. Colour aside, another thing I love about this formula is that there’s no sticky residue at all, which is so important for me when I’m tanning my legs and arms. And it works double-duty with skin-smoothing ingredients like vitamins A and C, which is a nice bonus.” 

    Petro Loves


    The Water Hydrating Self-Tan Water£34

    “Full disclosure: I am a terrible person to review self-tanner. I’m just not fastidious enough with the application. I have the same problem with sun cream and always get burn spots. This formula is clear, so you spray and then blend quickly with a mitt. And I did get blotches. However, if you’re more experienced with all-over self-tanning, you’ll get a fantastic result. The formula dries almost instantly, the scent is gentle, and the tan is very natural-looking. And the colour does start to develop within four to six hours, so you can fix it.”

    Petro Loves

    Isle Of Paradise

    Self Tanning Drops£21.95

    “I am so impressed with this product. I usually only ever fake-tan after summer holidays, when I have had just enough sun to give my skin some warmth. That way, I can avoid the orange tinge. However, these drops on winter-pale skin give such a natural finish. I just add a few to my regular moisturiser and then apply to my face as usual. When I need a little more glow, I simply add more drops that evening. And while my focus has been my face, you can use it on your body, too.” 



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