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  • Designer Laetitia Rouget’s Hotlist

    Not only have we long coveted designer Laetitia Rouget’s ceramics, we’re also big fans of her personal aesthetic: think bold colours and offbeat prints. Whether dressing herself or her home, her sense of playfulness combined with an eye for design classics makes for a fresh, upbeat take on timeless style. From tutti-frutti tableware to joy-giving jewellery, she shares the pieces currently at the top of her wish list. 

    Laetitia Rouget

    Arkitaip X Laetitia Rouget

    Matches Green£15

    “The perfect matches to help you see the light at the end of the tunnel and add some colour to your coffee table.”

    Yellow World

    The Roaring 20’s Cabin Fever£130

    “Over the last few months, we have been working with Camille Charrière and Evie Henderson on some sassy slogan plates to celebrate the return of our nightlife. This limited-edition plate collection is perfect for chic, but not boring, dinner parties!”

    British Colour Standard

    Eco Dinner Candles Set of Six£27

    “These beautiful candles are just the thing for summer nights and dinner parties with friends.”

    Les Ottomans

    Turquerie Ceramic Candlestick Holder £160

    “I have a bit of a problem with ceramics and colours – I can’t resist! This candleholder will bring the exoticism of the Bosphorus and the charm of the Turkish bath directly to your home.”

    The Jacksons

    Lobster Woven Placemat£48

    “I’ve just discovered this beautiful placemat from Anthropologie, and now I’m obsessed with it! This cheeky lobster will bring the summer mood to your table and definitely be the star of your dinner.”

    Paloma Wool

    No 479 / Claudia£111

    “I am a knit addict, and if I could wear knitted trousers every day, I would! Paloma Wool always has one of the best selections, and this green number is a favourite of mine.”

    Pardo Hats

    Boina Susurro£112

    “These hats are handwoven in Spain. I have been dreaming about owning one since I discovered the brand last summer, but still haven’t made my mind up on which to choose from their beautiful selection.”


    Beata Coloured Glass Champagne Flute£12

    “My new obsession is coloured glasses and home cocktails. Of course, I blame it on Covid! Standing on a slender, hand-painted stem, this Beata flute is a cool and contemporary way to serve up Prosecco with strawberry & orange wine at your next dinner party.”

    “We have a common point with Matilda Goad – we both love colours and summertime! These napkins are just pure joy.”

    Vanrenen GW Designs

    Scalloped Side Table£1,140

    “During these strange times, I decided to move from my studio in East London and I am now a nomad for the rest of the year. But one thing is for sure, one day, I will have a place that I will call home again, and this is one of my dream pieces that I would like to have in my living room, against a pink wall.”

    The Palmist Club

    Woven Hand-Dyed Straw RugPrice on request

    “I recently discovered this beautiful brand, and I am now dreaming of living by the sea so that I can buy everything from them! This checked rug would fit perfectly in my dream house, and I absolutely love their palm-tree napkins as well!”

    Deborah Blyth

    Wobbly Bits Necklace£175

    “Celebrating our wobbly bits, this collection of jewellery, inspired by my iconic bum women, will remind you of the importance of being unique and proud of your generous female form.”

    Blake LDN

    Let Me Dream Sweater£395

    “I am a dreamer, and I can’t help it! Here is the perfect sweater to wear on windy summer nights or cosy winter days.”


    Flag – Holy Self£370

    “Pangea is a colourful utopia, inspiring people to dream their own desirable future. This flag belongs to the ministry of energies. It tells of how important it is to take care of your inner self in order to shine and spread good energy!”

    Laetitia Rouget

    Auto-Portrait Ceramic Vase£850

    “This was the first vase I designed, and for that reason, I have a very special attachment to it. That’s also why it has travelled with me over the past two years.”



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