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    The sun’s rays, climbing temperatures and salty sea dips (if we’re lucky) mean that during the summer months, our skin needs some extra attention in the hydration department. Products that moisturise, quench and soothe are at the top of our wish lists, and we wanted to find those that truly deliver. Having tried and tested the current hydration-boosting offerings, below are the four that impressed us the most. 

    By Laura & Petro
    Laura Loves


    Moisturizing Renewal Hydrogel Serum, 30ml£185

    It’s easy to think that moisture-rich products must be heavy, but this lightweight gel proves otherwise. Containing four different molecule sizes of hyaluronic acid (the ultimate hydrator), the formula delivers a moisture hit to different layers of the skin, leaving it feeling thoroughly quenched and supple. I like to use this as a supplement to my existing skincare routine, applying a layer before my regular moisturiser when my skin feels particularly dry. And, on days when I’m short on time, this followed by SPF and a tinted moisturiser is all I need. 

    Laura Loves

    Aurelia London

    Brightening Botanical Facial Mist£42

    This has become an essential part of my morning routine and I love it as much for its skincare benefits as I do its mood-boosting effects. The mist uses a combination of probiotics, magnesium, naturally filtered volcanic water and quartz crystal water to heal, detoxify and balance skin. A blend of essential oils creates an invigorating scent, which never fails to give me energy and is a great way of waking up skin first thing. After splashing my face with fresh water, I spritz this on and let it absorb while doing my yoga practice, then follow with my regular skincare routine. 

    Petro Loves

    Meder Beauty

    Hydra-Fill Moisturising Mask£61

    Having heard great things about this face mask I was excited to give it a go – and delighted to discover that it lives up to the hype. Made from super-absorbent golden bamboo fibre, it is infused with hyaluronic acid, to instantly plump and hydrate, protecting vitamin E5, collagen-boosting deep-sea water extract and tranexamic acid, which reduces pigmentation. It also contains calming peptides, meaning there’s no risk of irritation or redness, making it the perfect pre-event mask. I particularly liked the ear hooks, which held the mask in place while I got on with some work.

    Petro Loves

    La Roche-Posay

    Hyalu B5 Hyaluronic Acid Serum £30.40

    I love the simplicity of this serum, which delivers a thorough moisture hit with minimum fuss. The lightweight formula contains two different-sized molecules of hyaluronic acid that penetrate the skin’s layers to plump up your complexion, while vitamin B5 helps repair and encourage natural collagen. Almost instantly, my face looked fresher and felt soft and supple. Unlike many similar products I’ve tried, this doesn’t leave a film on the surface of the skin and sinks in almost instantly, so you can apply makeup straight afterwards – perfect for busy mornings. It’s also gentle, which is a godsend for my sensitive skin!



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