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  • Top Tips

    • Maximise your silk scarf’s timeless appeal by reaching for classic prints such as paisley, polka dot, floral and striped. 
    • Not only is a scarf a chic finishing flourish, it can also be used to disguise bad hair days. Loop around the hairband on ponytails and top knots, or fold into a strip and tie around your head, like a headband.
    • A luxe scarf decorated with heritage designer motifs is a quick way to elevate an outfit of basics. 

    Silk Scarves

    A silk scarf might not be the first summer accessory you think of, but with its feminine, vintage appeal, it is one of our favourites. Whether tied bandana-style for a day at the beach or used to dress up a simple ponytail, we love how they effortlessly introduce a flash of colour and print to our summer wardrobes. 

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    Top Tips

    • When heading to the beach, fold your scarf into a triangle and tie it bandana-style to protect your hair and scalp from the sun. 
    • A scarf is an easy way to play with colour, so go for statement styles in bold brights. 
    • Don’t just think hair – a printed scarf can be tied around the handle of your basket bag to give it an instant update. 



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