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  • Tiffany & Co. Your Way

    Iconic brands – and we mean truly iconic – are few and far between. Tiffany & Co., however, is most definitely one. There is no brand more instantly recognisable and synonymous with eternal style than the storied jewellery house, and its timelessly chic pieces are permanent fixtures on our dream wish lists.


    But jewellery is more than beautiful design and precious materials; it’s memories, connection, love. To us, jewellery is the ultimate forever buy; invest in a beautiful piece that can be worn day in, day out, then pass it down for the next generation to cherish. We wanted to celebrate this sentiment by showcasing the new Tiffany & Co. T collection on us, the women of Wardrobe ICONS. From perfect everyday hoops to delicate bangles, we share our favourite pieces, what they mean to us and how we’re wearing them. 

    By Eva K Salvi


    Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer


    “Layering pieces of jewellery is one of my top accessorising tricks. This collection from Tiffany & Co. lends itself so well to this. Their statement rings and bracelets sit beautifully next to more delicate everyday pieces. The different golds also blend well together, so you can effortlessly mix and match. The overall look gives your day-to-day outfits a more modern, luxurious feel.”


    Digital Assistant


    “For me, jewellery is an essential finishing touch to every look. I feel bare without earrings, and I love stacking bangles as subtle statements. While I’m normally a hoop girl, I was drawn to the delicate drop earrings, which look so graceful with hair up. There is something truly special and timeless about this whole collection – they are pieces I could imagine wearing over a lifetime to add a spark of effortless luxury.”


    Contributing Beauty Editor


    “I’m fairly understated when it comes to jewellery – I’ve got my go-to gold hoops, and I’ll maybe do a simple bracelet, necklace or a couple of rings, if the outfit calls for it. One thing that always draws me to pick a piece is an earthy stone, like mother-of-pearl and turquoise. My mother always had these in her collection when I was a little girl, and I’d try them on and imagine the woman I’d become one day – hopefully just like her.”


    Commercial Director 


    “I was immediately drawn to the Diamond and Black Onyx Circle Pendant, as I felt it was a statement piece yet still elegant and easy to wear on a daily basis. I’d style it over a simple cream cashmere knit in the day, then with an open, bare neck in the evening, such as the blouse I’m wearing here. The trio of Tiffany T bangles are a dream combination that work so well together, but look equally as chic when worn singularly.”


    Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer


    “I love the emotional connection that a piece of jewellery can evoke, especially those pieces that you wear every day and become part of who you are. To me, it’s the ultimate investment buy, and the idea that my daughters will one day inherit those pieces and wear them throughout their lives makes me happy every time I think about it.”


    Fashion & Merchandising Editor


    “This collection of jewellery, with a touch of sparkle, feels really true to my style. I chose pieces that are a reflection of what I wear day-to-day; hoop earrings, a statement ring alongside a more delicate band and a few bracelets. I have always enjoyed the movement that is created when you wear bangles together. I think these two complement each other so nicely as a pair, I especially didn’t want to take them off!”


    Digital Content Executive


    “When I get a new piece of treasured jewellery, I tend not to take it off (I’ll even sleep in it) and it becomes part of my everyday look. I love that every time I glance at it, I’m reminded of a memory or special occasion. I gravitate towards layers of more delicate pieces that have a special detail, like the mother-of-pearl and diamonds in the T Collection. That way, they always work with whatever else I’m wearing that day, be it clothes or other jewellery.”


    Social Media And Creative Assets Manager


    “Gold is always my go-to, and there are few things I love more than a statement gold earring. However, the chunky gold bracelet may be my favourite piece from the whole collection. For me, when buying jewellery, I like to opt for things I know I can wear over and over again, but I’ll still be excited to put on each time. This bracelet did just that for me. It’s the perfect balance of statement and simple and would add something special to every outfit in my wardrobe.”



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