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  • Top Tips

    • Choose colour carefully: orangey tones will look cheap, whereas neutral shades look more expensive. 
    • If opting for leopard-print faux fur, ensure the pile is thick and luxurious.
    • Not only does leopard amp up solid colours, it clashes beautifully with stripes and checks.

    Leopard Print

    When thinking about wardrobe staples, print isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, not only will a considered motif freshen up classic pieces, it can also become an outfit focal point in its own right. Case in point: leopard print. Along with a Breton stripe and graphic checks, leopard is the most timeless print you can buy into. Remember when Audrey Hepburn wore it in the ’60s? And Debbie Harry in the ’80s? It looks just as stylish today. And it’s playful, too – add it to tailoring for edge, or use it to dress up jeans. Whether worn as a little or a lot, we’re entirely sold.

    Edited by Petro Words by Frankie

    Top Tips

    • Dipping a toe into the trend? Switch your classic black accessories for leopard iterations. 
    • When wearing leopard for smart occasions, team it with a slick monochrome palette. 
    • Elevate your casual wardrobe by layering a leopard coat over jeans or leather trousers.



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