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  • Top Tips

    • When going for a tonal look, mix no more than three different shades of white for a cohesive look. 
    • Give an all-white outfit dimension by adding in different textures, such as faux fur and denim.
    • Don’t be afraid to wear white from head to toe; its subtlety means you can get away with it. 

    Winter White

    If the thought of winter white has you reaching for the stain remover, then we want to take a moment to tell you that it’s far easier to wear than you might think. In fact, a liberal dose of the crisp hue is the perfect new-year palette cleanser, and whether worn for work or weekend, never fails to look polished. Now’s the time to reach for pieces in all shades of pale, from alabaster to cream, and layer up.

    Edited by Florence Words by Frankie

    Top Tips

    • Dress down a slick white ensemble by introducing a sporty edge, with a luxe hoodie or trainers. 
    • Nervous of trying all white? Ease yourself in with a long white coat. 
    • For days on the run, maximise the practicality of winter white by teaming it with a black boot. 



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