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  • Ed’s Letter

    At Wardrobe ICONS, we insist on quality… 

    We believe that whatever you wear should fit perfectly, be beautifully made and make you feel proud to put on. But this doesn’t mean it needs to come with a designer label. The high street has evolved hugely over the past few years, with several brands proving that great quality can be done at an entry-level price point. There’s no reason why an ARKET T-shirt can’t be paired with your Max Mara chinos, or a pair of COS cargo trousers can’t be teamed with your Ulla Johnson blouse. This high/low way of dressing is what many of us do, so we wanted to dedicate this issue to showing you how to get that mix just right: the smart-price labels we trust, the pieces that stack up cost-per-wear and the ways to make your wardrobe go a little further. 

    Nothing beats that clever feeling you get when you come across a wardrobe hero that doesn’t cost a lot – and if there’s one team that knows where to find them, it’s team ICONS. We’ve kicked off the issue by revealing our most-loved smart-price pieces and showing you how we style them. From Frankie’s cashmere sweater vest to Petro’s trophy denim dress, these are the intelligent items that punch well above their price point and that we can’t wait to recommend to others. And a big thank you to The Princess Royal for having us for the day to shoot in and around Notting Hill. 

    Versatility is key to shopping smartly, and one of the pieces we believe to be the most hardworking is a co-ord. This is why we’ve teamed up with Mondo Corsini to design the ultimate navy linen two-piece. Whether worn together or separately, it provides myriad outfit opportunities and has been purposely created so it can be dressed up for the city or styled casually for holidays. Turn to our Style Sheet, where I’ve put together just four of the many ways you can wear it. I’m personally very excited about this ICONS Exclusive and know it will have real longevity in my wardrobe. 

    Speaking of versatility, jumpsuits are a wear-on-repeat style that I’ve been gravitating towards all season long. We’ve hand-selected the 10 styles worth knowing about. We also shine a light on Mejuri, one of our go-to brands for fairly priced jewellery staples. Plus, we share our tips on finding the best ditsy print on the high street. 

    One of the questions we get asked the most is: Where can I find a great bag for under £300? I’m not going to lie, it’s not easy. However, we’ve combed through this season’s collections to find the mid-price styles that hit the mark. 

    Shopping intelligently isn’t always about purchasing something new. The fashion rental movement has made borrowing, rather than buying, a chic and sustainable proposition. We spoke to rental pioneer and co-founder of HURR, Victoria Prew, about the items on her wish list. 

    My smart-shopping rule is to only buy what makes me feel amazing. While I have a few areas I always think warrant the investment (outerwear, shoes, bags, tailoring), for the rest, I follow my heart – not the label. If the very best version of something comes with a smaller price tag, well, what’s not to love about that? Enjoy!

    Laura (& Petro) xxx

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