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  • Top Tips

    • Placement is key. Choose an area of your body that you feel confident showing and pick a cutaway that enhances it. 
    • Use a cutaway to update basics. Layer a backless bodysuit underneath your jeans. 
    • Think about underwear. If you want to wear a bra, go for cut-outs that hit below the band. 

    Grown-Up Cut-Outs

    The summer months offer the perfect opportunity to reveal a bit extra, and chic cut-outs are without doubt the most stylish way to do it. Though they might sound daunting at first, incorporating a cutaway into your outfit is easier than ever, thanks to this season’s crop of grown-up takes on the trend. Think sophisticated silhouettes with subtle peek-a-boos and luxe pieces that show just the right amount of skin. 

    Top Tips

    • Cut-outs look refined when placed on covered-up silhouettes. Try a key-hole top with wide-leg trousers. 
    • If shorter hems aren’t for you, use a cutaway to make midi and maxi lengths feel extra summery. 
    • Ensure cut-outs look timeless by sticking to classic summer pieces. 



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