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  • Inside the wardrobe of

    Brett Heyman

    As the founder of Edie Parker, it’s no surprise that Brett Heyman has a playful style spirit. The former director of public relations for Gucci has a passion for unique vintage finds and isn’t afraid to turn her outfits into a talking point – something that is also true of her much-loved handbag label (which is named after her daughter, Edie). 

    Edited by Petro Words by Brett Heyman
    Photographs by Eva K. Salvi

    In fact, Brett’s love for an eye-catching piece knows no bounds; her wardrobe is full of standout designer pieces and thrift-store finds. But Brett’s clever high/low approach to styling takes her exuberant aesthetic into the realms of wearable. Think statement skirts teamed with a classic button-down and cocktail minis dressed down with flats. 


    With party season upon us, we couldn’t think of a better person to speak to about high-octane dressing. It was a pleasure to be invited into her New York City home and take a look around her treasure-trove wardrobe. 


    “There isn’t much I won’t wear out, as long as I feel comfortable in it. Party clothes are frivolous by nature, so you might as well have fun with them. I like slightly naughty things – clothes, bags, even this bar. It looks simple, but all the doors rotate to reveal whatever you are hiding.”




    “My friend had a big birthday in 2011. She is the kind of person who has everything, so I struggled with what to get her. That is how the idea of the personalised clutch was born and it is still our most popular item. We made them for brides, we make them for divorcees, for celebrities, for people who have a message they want to share – everybody. And truly, they are modern heirlooms. All handmade, they should be cherished and last forever.”



    “I launched Edie Parker in 2010, shortly after giving birth to my first child, whose name is also Edie Parker. After 20-plus years collecting vintage acrylic bags and accessories, and 10 years working in fashion, I sought to reintroduce this lost art of handmade acrylic bags for a new generation. We have since introduced a lot of new materials and product categories, including cannabis and cannabis accessories. But acrylic will always be my first love.”



    “This skirt is Ashish. I love it because it flips something quite cottage-core and old-fashioned (a crochet blanket) into something sexy and conversational. I like things that are unexpected and have a sense of humour. The shoes are old Dior. I bought a few pair of Dior kitten heels over five years ago and I find I haven’t really needed shoes since. They’re still perfect with almost all my clothes.”



    “The Edie Parker customer has a good sense of humour. She is bold, she likes to put her name or information about herself on her bag. She likes bright colours, quality craftsmanship and doesn’t need a trendy new thing every year. She’s confident and perhaps a little naughty. Always with a wink.”



    “We launched the home collection in 2016. It was an extremely natural extension of the brand. People who had a bag would always explain that when they weren’t wearing the bag, they loved it so much they would display it on a shelf, use it on a vanity, coffee table for storage, etc. At some point, we thought, ‘Why not just make a storage box? And a tray?’ My favourite item is our tabletop lighter with a nestled ashtray. Even if you never light anything, it’s so weighty and incredible in any space.”



    “This is the room I spend the least amount of time in, but I love the most in our apartment. It has such rich colour and texture and this incredible black and malachite Ado Chale table that I never get sick of looking at. Which I guess is how I feel about a lot of Prada pieces! I’m wearing a sensible sweater vest, covered in little crystals. It’s perfect. Comfortable but jazzy.”



    “I walk absolutely everywhere during the day, so my shoes are always flats or sneakers. But at night I’m not afraid of the big-girl shoes. However, my heels have gotten lower over the years. I have never met a kitten or a two-incher I don’t love.”



    “I don’t usually like to pick favourites, but this is my most favourite new bag – the starlight glitter lighter clutch. It’s a bag and a lighter. A fantastic party trick if there ever was one.”



    “This choker is vintage Hermès. I wear it all the time. It lies so comfortably and I think silver makes every outfit look cooler. The ear cuff is Paula Mendoza, who I adore. She makes such wonderful, light hoops. They make my ears look cool instantly.”



    “Meet ‘the Grass Bags’. We sit at the intersection of fashion and flower and we thought the grass bag styles were a great illustration of this place. We conceived of them in actual grass but wanted them to last more than a day, so they are fabricated in artificial turf and tinsel in two adorable bodies. They look good with absolutely everything.”




    “These shoes are silver Manolo Blahnik. I’ve probably had them over 10 years, but they’re always perfect. The bag is a new style we are launching called ‘the Buddy Bag’. Made in our signature satin cannabis print and matching lighter cover, she’s very useful, day and night.”



    “We renovated our apartment when we moved in and tried to plan for the limited storage one finds in NYC apartments. The shoe closets are clever because they’re hidden and mirrored, which sort of gives the illusion that the room is bigger than it is. I still get delighted when I open the closet doors. As for go-to brands, I don’t stray very far from Mr. Blahnik. But, every once in a while, something will catch my eye if it has the right low heel-height and enough embellishment. I have all the Prada heels I’ve ever bought, starting in the late ’90s, and still rotate them in.”



    “These jeans are Miu Miu. I’m a sucker for embellishment. The shirt is old YSL. You wouldn’t think I had lots of reasons to wear a shirt that looks like wrapping paper, but they come up a lot actually!”



    “I recently went to The Nines for the first time and it’s absolutely the only place I want to go out to anymore. Leopard carpet, red banquettes, caviar potatoes and live music? A literal dream came true. As a general rule, if there is a bar that serves a martini with a little extra on the side, sign me up. “




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