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    The Breitling Super Chronomat Origins

    A beautiful watch is a pinnacle of investment style and Breitling is no stranger to exquisite timepieces. The Swiss watchmaker has long stood for craftsmanship, quality, style and luxury.  


    But what does luxury mean today? It’s not just about the finest materials and timeless design, but also considered processes, which mean pieces are made with care and integrity. Here is where Breitling excels. The brand is on a mission to do better by making luxury more sustainable, starting with the new Super Chronomat Origins.  

    Frankie Graddon

    Not only are these diamonds sustainable, they’re just as dazzling as traditional alternatives. Created by applying gas and heat to a diamond slice in a vacuum, they look identical to mined diamonds and are subject to the same rigorous quality testing. By 2024, Breitling will use climate-neutral lab-grown diamonds in every one of its pieces. 

    Under the brand’s Better Gold initiative, all gold in the Origins watch has been sourced from Colombia’s Touchstone mine, a single artisanal mine that has been accredited by the Swiss Better Gold Association – a non-profit organisation that improves working, living and environmental conditions in small-scale mining communities and facilitates responsible supply chains. 

    What’s more, for every gram of gold purchased, Breitling contributes to local community development projects. These support infrastructure investment, legal wages, healthy working conditions and protection of biodiversity. The brand has pledged to use only gold from accredited artisanal mines across its entire range by 2025.

    “Consumers are increasingly reflecting on the products they buy and what goes into them. We want to give them those answers upfront,” says Georges Kern, CEO of Breitling. To that end, every Super Chronomat Origins watch comes with its own blockchain-backed NFT, which contains independently verified information detailing the supply chain – from raw materials to finished product – so you can see exactly how and where your watch is made. 

    Aside from the impressive sustainable credentials, it’s the Super Chronomat Origins’ considered design that sets it apart. We love the contemporary rubber rouleaux bracelet, which is elevated by the diamond encrusted bezel. Working for both day or evening, smart or casual wear, it’s the watch that does it all. Wear it casually with jeans and a knit or team it with sleek tailoring and a trophy bag at the office. You can even pair it with a velvet trouser suit for the evening. 

    Like every Breitling timepiece, the Super Chronomat Origins has been crafted with expert care and attention to detail. Since 1884, when Léon Breitling first founded the brand in Switzerland, Breitling has been at the forefront of luxury watch design and is world-renowned for quality, precision and performance. Each timepiece is made from the finest materials in a Breitling workshop and fitted with chronometer-certified movements that ensure they last for several lifetimes.

    With all the hallmarks of a Breitling classic but also a thoughtful twist, consider the Super Chronomat Origins a modern heirloom that will make a guaranteed love-forever addition to any jewellery box and a treasured keepsake that can be handed down for generations to come. 



    Marking a milestone in Breitling’s commitment to sustainability, the pioneering watch features responsibly sourced gold and diamonds. In addition, as the brand’s first ever traceable timepiece, it has full supply-chain transparency.

    Until now, precious materials in the watchmaking space have been notoriously difficult to trace, even when following industry best practices. This is due to the many different sources they come from. However, Breitling is going above and beyond to ensure all materials are responsible and trackable and, in doing so, outlining a new way of creating for the rest of the industry to follow. 

    For example, the melée diamonds used to trim the watch face are lab-grown, rather than mined, to guarantee they are free from association with conflict or human rights abuses. The type IIa single-crystal diamonds have been sourced from a supplier with SCS-007 sustainability-rated accreditation. This means it exhibits the highest grades of ethical and environmental responsibility.




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