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  • Overnight Treatments

    Long evenings aren’t disappearing anytime soon, but they give us the perfect opportunity to spend an extra few minutes on our night-time beauty routines. Indulge in treatments that work while you sleep to banish wintry dry skin and deliver an extra hit of nourishment. Here are my four tried-and-tested favourites.


    The Seated Queen

    The Cold Cream£39

    I discovered this cold cream through my Liberty beauty calendar and I’m so impressed. The multi-use formula can be used to remove make-up and cleanse, as part of an evening facial massage or left on overnight as a hydrating mask. It’s supercharged with vitamins and nourishing seed oils to purify and restore skin.


    Rose Quartz Exfoliating Mask£115

    This is a very satisfying mask to use, not least for the crystal particles, which turn your face into a pink glitter ball! It contains fruit acids, which exfoliate dead skin cells, leaving pores feeling deeply clean, while hydrators plump and freshen. Massage in then leave for 10 minutes to let the acids do their work. I used this over the holidays and my skin looks noticeably clearer.  

    Sarah Chapman

    Digital Rest Night Cream£57

    If, like me, you spend a lot of time in front of screens, then this night cream should be in your kit. The formula contains a host of ingredients to protect the skin’s barrier and neutralise the effects of electronic pollution while boosting luminosity. I love the scent of orange blossom, which calms me before bed. Wake up with a complexion that feels hydrated and plump. 


    Lip Sleeping Mask£19

    For chapped winter lips, this mask is a true saviour. Hitting between a balm and an oil, the formula uses antioxidants and hydrators to remove dead skin cells and smooth, soften and soothe lips. I love the ritual of it; keep the pot on your bedside then apply a liberal amount with the brush and leave to work overnight. Choose between five scents – Sweet Candy is my favourite.



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