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  • Jasmine’s Bathroom Shelf

    We couldn’t wait to take a peek inside Jasmine’s bathroom cupboards. Just as we expected, this is a curated list of the very best clean formulas, but also nurturing and skin-loving ones. Consider this your go-to list of clean buys that are also planet-friendly.

    Ere Perez

    Volumising Avocado Waterproof Mascara£22.50

    “It’s really, really hard to formulate a natural mascara and so there is always a compromise, but it’s still worth opting for as ‘natural as possible’ when you’re wearing something so close to your eyes. This one is hydrating and waterproof – but not in that chemical-laden, pull-your-lashes-out-when-you-try-to-remove-it way. This is my favourite everyday mascara at the moment and I also love to use it over a more voluminous natural mascara at night.”

    Jillian Dempsey

    Cheek Tint Cream Blush£27

    “Creamy blushers are my go-to. I love the sheen and the fact that you don’t need a brush, so it’s ideal for a little handbag on a night out. This one in Petal gives me a very natural nude pink that I can build up, and also dab on my lips.”

    ila spa

    Hand Wash for Purifying Skin£16.50

    “After years of cooking, and many hours spent in the kitchen washing my hands in-between, I’ve learnt the importance of a quality hand wash that doesn’t strip the skin! What became a guest special is now an everyday treat that’s well worth it for me.”


    LBD // Balanced Red Lipstick£24

    “This brand turns everything you imagined about natural make-up on its head. Its eye-catching advertising, sharp packaging and on-trend colours attract you even before its holistic credentials do. I love the nude pink lipstick, with just the right amount of blue to keep it cool.”

    Ere Perez

    Chamomile Eye Palette – Pretty£29

    “Eye shadow isn’t a part of my day-to-day face – I find a slick of black or brown liquid eyeliner quicker, easier and more manageable. But since my best friend, organic make-up artist Sjaniel Turrell, introduced me to this palette I feel like I can work that bronzed natural look so much better and I love the idea of ‘no make-up’ make-up.”

    Nude by Nature

    Flawless Concealer£20

    “Blemishes be gone! This is another example of the great formulas being made in the natural market and its thick consistency and generous pigmentation makes it a saviour on dodgy skin days.”

    ila spa

    Body Lotion for Nurturing Skin£16.50

    “I’ve long been a fan of Ila, its ethics and its products. A Cotswolds-based company that uses time-honoured principles for harvesting its essential oils and ingredients, the fragrances lift the spirits.”

    RMS Beauty


    “This brand has been doing good things for my face for years. Coconut oil-based, the colour pots are great for my skin and this highlighter is a favourite because not only is it super-subtle, but it also has a rose-gold tint (rather than that white highlighter nightclub sheen!) for a fresh summer look.”


    Concealer Le Multi Correcteur£24

    “I’ve been on the hunt for the right formula for years. Lots of natural concealers have worked for my friends, but I needed something creamy light and hydrating but not too reflective for under my eyes, and on top of that it had to have a yellow tone. Finally this one in number 03 works for me!”


    Hand Rescue£29

    “I naturally have very dry skin and what with washing my hands often and the fact that I love to work with my hands all the time, they need extra love and care. This hand cream smells like pure luxury – if my hands could talk they would concur that this makes them feel like a million dollars (they’d also say that they love the ritual of a hand massage when I apply it!)”



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