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    When I first became a mother five years ago, I had no idea it would affect my look the way in which it did, and I had to make number of drastic adjustments that have seen me through the breastfeeding, toddler and school-run phases. Gone are the heels and impractical bags and in are trainers and hands-free bags. What I haven’t compromised on is style – finding a uniform that works for my new status has been an ever-evolving art.


    Saint Laurent£425

    Groundbreaking, I know – but the moment you have kids you realise that heels are just not a viable option and comfortable, stylish, everyday flat shoes become the way forward. I wear a combination of statement flats, boots and trainers, but if I had to narrow it down to one pair, I would opt for designer trainers that add a cool-mum vibe to just about anything.

    J. Crew£545

    I prefer the comfort and look of a pair of leather leggings to any other trouser. OK, maybe not for attending a kids’ art class, but definitely for stylish ‘hanging’, playdates and school pick-ups. They look great with T-shirts, jumpers, cardigans, shirts and blouses and I also find them much more flattering and comfortable than most jeans.

    Saint Laurent£265

    A cool pair of sunglasses can simultaneously finish off a look with a modern vibe, and conceal a sleep-deprived face – what more could a mum want?  I love slightly over-the-top styles, glitter, colour and oversized shapes. My five-year-old loves my Saint Laurent ‘Loulou’ heart-shaped sunglasses and I’m definitely the popular mum in the playground with all the little girls!


    Your bag choice so depends on the age of your children. I still have a baby so I’m forced to carry around a nappy bag, which gets filled with all sorts of bits and bobs, so for my own essentials I wear a small, light, cross-body bag. I regretted not buying the Céline Trio bag when it first came out, but the Aurora version (below) is a great budget alternative.


    You could leave your house in your pyjamas, throw a trench coat over them and still look presentable. There is something in this timeless staple that makes it an instant outfit-fixer and, for me, an absolute motherhood-essential. The lived-in look is always better, so my suggestion is invest in one and wear it, wear it, wear it!



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