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    If you’re a mother, your sleep pattern can be disturbed for years on end. There are the baby and breastfeeding phases, exhausting toddler days and then onto the teenage years, when other worries might keep you awake! So we thought we’d recommend some of our favourite sleep cheats, from calming masks to overnight facials. Anything to disguise those sleepless nights.

    Laura & Petro
    Laura Loves


    Self-Heating Eye Masks£15

    I was a bit unsure about the effectiveness of a what is essentially a self-heating eye mask, but the starry packaging was so pretty and the wording so convincing: ‘interstellar relaxation’, ‘will transport you to another dimension’, ‘relieving tiredness, eye strain and many other Earthly tensions’. From the moment you open the box and read how to use the mask, you will be invited on a tempting journey of relaxation – in essence forced into reclining blindfolded in a place where kids, to-do lists and hecticness have no place. All you do is place the Space Mask over your eyes and the loops over your ears. Recline and enjoy. The heating process works by a thin layer of iron filings entwining with the oxygen molecules in the air, and it’s totally safe. The ever-so-relaxing jasmine is in a low concentration, so you can enjoy its fragrance without it irritating the skin. Does it work? It definitely gave me an excuse for a 15-minute nap!

    Laura Loves
    Oskia Bedtime Beauty Boost£80
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    I tried a dozen different lotions and potions for the purpose of this feature and I’ve had to face the fact that there is no overnight miracle that will make you look like you’ve had a full eight hours sleep. What I have learnt is that what we should be looking for is a moisture-infused solution that will work on your skin to give you plumper texture and a brighter complexion the next day. Oskia’s Bedtime Beauty Boost does just that – it’s light in texture but rich in essential cell nutrients and hydrating and anti-ageing actives. It’s designed to help stimulate the skin’s natural regeneration process, iron out the appearance of wrinkles, reduce age spots and give skin a naturally youthful glow. Massage onto your face before bed and… doze off.

    Petro Loves
    de Mamiel Sleep Series£110
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    I have to come clean – I have no issues with sleeping. Waking up is another matter, though, and de Mamiel Aromatherapy Sleep Series was highly recommended to me. It uses ancient Chinese medicine principles to get to grips with various sleep ailments. Choose Anchor to get you back to sleep; Settle and Soothe to help send you off in the first place; or my personal favourites Rise and Shine, which are as good as cup of coffee first thing. Each has a distinctive job to do and smell heavenly. None of us here are aromatherapy buffs, but we do think these oils live up to their claims. 

    Petro Loves
    Skin Laundry Restoring Night Serum£46
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    We are huge Skin Laundry fans here at Wardrobe ICONS, but I was a little bit concerned that the many active ingredients in their Restoring Night Serum would react with my sensitive skin. However, I was pleasantly surprised. You apply the lightweight serum in the evening, followed by your regular moisturiser. I found my skin looked fresher, brighter and tighter in the morning – despite a million Stella get-ups during the night. I also found that when the temperature really dropped I had fewer skin irritations and flare-ups than I would normally have and my skin generally felt softer and more moisturised throughout the day.



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