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    We weren’t hopeful at Wardrobe ICONS HQ when Laura and Petro set out to find their fake tan match. For one thing, Petro has a fair complexion, so finding a formula that didn’t streak or make her orange-tinged was challenging. Meanwhile, until recently, Laura preferred her tan to be (dare we say it) natural. To avoid sun damage, she’s conceded that it’s got to be fake. Fortunately, they both succeeded – here are the products that gave their complexions a natural-looking, sun-kissed glow.

    Laura and Petro
    Laura loves
    Oskia Adaptive Tan Drops£70

    I’ve never been into self tan, I hate the smell and had never managed to find a formulation that didn’t give me that orangey tinge. Nothing beats a light but all-natural summer tan, yet now I’m in my late thirties I’ve begun to notice the results of years of sun damage, making me reconsider sunbathing at all. I tried 100% natural self-tan Oskia Adaptive Tan Tri-Phase Self-Tanning Drops sceptically, but became a convert overnight. The drops can be added to any moisturiser, serum, oil, or even foundation, leaving you with a beautiful, bespoke tan that develops within three to four hours and deepens over the following days. I now add it to my evening routine every two or three days, and wake up with a healthy summer glow – to be honest I don’t know how I survived without it until now.

    Laura loves

    James Read

    James Read Coconut Dry Body Tan Oil£25

    Being a self-tan novice, I was after ones that were easy to apply. I liked the sound of a dry tan oil, which has to be applied by hand and is easily absorbed – it felt less risky than sprays. I decided to try James Read Coconut Dry Body Tan Oil, which is suitable for all skin tones and is free from parabens, sulphates and fragrance. James Read is the professional spray-tan artist who became famous for working with designers such as Tom Ford and Burberry, and supermodels Naomi Campbell and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. So I thought, ‘Good for Naomi and Rosie, good for me!’ I watched the video How to apply bronzing mousse, followed the instructions to the letter and was very impressed with the results. 

    Petro loves
    Ligne St Barth Aloe Vera Gel£30

    When it comes to tanning before big events, I tend to get it professionally done. Before this year’s Serpentine Party I went to Heidi Klein in Westbourne Grove to try out their Mystic Spray Tan. At the back of the boutique is a private room with spray tan booth, where you choose from Light, Medium or Dark shades (I went for medium). You also get to choose a fragrance – I chose ‘fresh’. The the automated system tells you where to stand and when to move, which is slightly less intimidating than having someone apply it while you hang out in paper knickers. The finish was a flawless tan that develops over three hours. Leave it on as long as possible without sleeping in it, and wear loose-fitting clothing to avoid tell-tale streaks. It lasts up to a week if you moisturise regularly.


    Petro loves
    Dr Sebagh Self-Tanning Drops£35

    When it comes to beauty maintenance, it has to be 100% straightforward – I need something foolproof, with guaranteed results. Thankfully there’s a new generation of self-tanners, which spell the end of streaky limbs and stained hands. I simply added a few drops of Dr Sebagh’s Self-Tanning Drops to my usual moisturiser and instantly had a realistic golden summer glow that lasted a couple of days. Should you prefer a more definitive tan, you can layer it up by using it a few days in a row. I think all fake tans smell a little, but this one barely does. The drops also contain HEV Melanin, which provides a higher level of protection against ageing HEV light emitted by smartphones and laptops.




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