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  • Sensitive Skin

    I have suffered from eczema and highly sensitive skin pretty much my entire life. I come out in terrible heat rash in the summer and can have outbreaks of dry, flaky skin in the winter. My body seems more resilient to whatever products I use, but the skin on my face is not as easy-going. I have to be careful when I try new products and always patch-test them first. Even this isn’t a guarantee that a product designed specifically for sensitive skin won’t cause a bad reaction. Here are my current beauty-cupboard tried and tested favourites that work well on my combination sensitive skin.

    Soveral Midnight Oil
    Sensitive Skin

    Oils are often recommended to me at facials, but it didn’t matter how organic or natural the product was, it would always cause a terrible hive-like rash. So I was reluctant to try Soveral Midnight Oil, despite its high recommendations. However it has been a revelation. It is lightweight on, nourishes my skin but doesn’t block pores, and the antioxidant vitamin formula always leaves my skin looking refreshed.

    Rodial Rose Gold Moisturiser
    Sensitive Skin

    Usually I avoid anything with active ingredients. I spoke to the founder of Rodial about my fear of anti-ageing products and she persuaded me to try her Rose Gold Moisturiser. After a patch test I tried it and I haven’t looked back. Despite it being a bit thicker than my normal face creams, it absorbed easily and had an incredibly smoothing effect. It lifts my complexion and appears to erase several sleepless nights from my lines. It is my new go-to night cream and I am never going back to products that don’t actually achieve anything while I sleep.

    Keeome Hydration Therapy Mask
    Sensitive Skin

    Pre-shoot days, when I really need to look my best, I like to apply a hydration mask. I have tried many and most of them work fine, but the Keeome versions achieve the best results. I always look about a hundred times less tired and bloated after using one. Annoyingly they require you to wear them for at least 25 minutes and then you have to wash it off, so it’s one that you have to take your time over, but it is worth the results.

    SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Masque
    Sensitive Skin

    This is my favourite fixer-upper. When my skin has decided to flare up and become red and irritated I apply this award-winning calming mask to take some of the anger out of it. The irritation is usually visibly reduced and my complexion becomes more even. I often abandon all other products and just apply this until the rash has completely disappeared – so far it’s worked a treat.



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