Unexpected Hero

The Slip-On Loafer

It might be a little premature to hail the slip-on loafer as an unexpected hero, but these street-style darlings have become the fashionistas’ footwear of choice come rain or shine. Even the classicists, like us, have succumbed to the allure of these backless beauties. They’re cooler than the classic loafer, but just as practical and comfortable. We really don’t see them going anywhere any time soon. 

Top tips:

  • These work great with trousers, but if you’re tall enough try with midi-skirts and dresses, too
  • If you go for a printed pair, keep the rest of your outfit plain to make them stand out
  • Our favourite way to wear them is with boyfriend jeans and a blazer, for 90s chic
  • Make sure they fit your feet perfectly, otherwise they have a tendency to slide off when you walk  

By Petro