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  • Summer Scarves Pinterest

    Top Tips

    There are three main ways to wear this hair trend:

    • Wrapped around a messy bun; opt for a smaller scarf and wrap around as many times as needed to keep the ends short
    • Around a low, loose ponytail, a longer scarf tied once works best, so the ends flow behind you
    • If you’re feeling retro, knot the scarf into a headband with the rest of your hair loose or in a low chignon. Add big sunglasses on the beach 
    Summer Scarves Pinterest


    Our hair accessory obsession continues: for the simplest and easiest summer-wardrobe update, we’re adding a cool (read: Instagram-worthy) scarf to our holiday suitcase. Whether we’re using it to tame flyaways on a breezy beach or elevate a basket bag, this accessory has quickly become our summer hero because it can be worn in so many ways. Chances are, you have one stashed in the back of your wardrobe, so now’s the time to revive it and add a retro touch to your summer icons.

    Alexandra Dorrell

    Summer Scarves Lucy Williams X Love Stories

    Top Tips

    • The more ‘undone’ the better – don’t overthink this. Flyaway strands and tendrils are encouraged
    • If this micro trend seems scary, go for a silk hairband or hair tie to get the look with zero fuss
    • We also love our scarves knotted around the handle of our basket bags, tied around a straw hat or threaded through the belt loops of jeans
    • Wear with everything from your swimwear at the beach to a party gown at a summer wedding



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