Some of my favourite denim styles are 10 years old, especially my distressed styles. My favourite brands are Current Elliott (softest denim ever), Paige (flares!), Genetic Denim (the best skinny jeans), One Teaspoon (the perfect denim short) and Bassike (drop crotch jeans). But my favourite styles are my vintage Levis that have been truly loved and washed to perfection.


I am generally a silver, white gold, platinum kind of girl. But at the moment I am loving gold, especially when it is chunky. A few pieces here are actually vintage from my mums collection (I borrowed and never returned…). I love turquoise and have many pieces from Arizona, which I bought when I was there recently.


I really try to look after my shoes, as I love each pair. But when it comes to my favourite pair, I really can’t decide! I love all of them. I love hunting down styles that have sold out – some I don’t wear often but they look very nice on my shelf!


I have normally three pairs of sunglasses in my bag at any time as I like changing them up depending on my mood or outfit.