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  • Cartier

    Trinity de Cartier 18ct Ring£ 1,150

    Seriously iconic, Petro’s dad gave her mum a Cartier trinity ring for her 40th and she hasn’t taken it off since 

    Arthur Price

    Kings 58 Piece Canteen Cutlery Set£ 299

    A classic wedding gift, they’ll think of you every time they throw a dinner party


    X Globe Trotter Medium GG Supreme Suitcase£ 2,660

    Because everyone deserves to travel in style… and Gucci luggage gets passed down through the generations 


    Constellation Manhattan Quartz 28 mm Watch£ 3,440

    A valuable birthday reminder that time spent with the people we love is our greatest luxury 


    175 Artisan 4.8L Stand Mixer£ 499

    We challenge you to find a keen baker who wouldn’t want to receive this beauty (pssst… they don’t exist)

    Manolo Blahnik

    Hangisi 90 Yellow Silk Satin Pumps£ 775

    Dear reader with a significant birthday in your near future, do yourself a favour and put these beauties at the top of your list

    Angela Wickstead

    Floral-embroidered Linen Tablecloth£ 625

    Designer Angela Wickstead (yes, mother of Emilia) creates embroidered linens that feel like instant treasures – and make the perfect christening or hostess gift


    2.55 Handbag£ 4,300

    The 30th birthday present Laura’s friends and family pooled resources to buy her – and that she cherishes to this day

    Noor Fares

    Anahata 18kt Gold, Agate, Opal & Sapphire Ring£ 1,895

    For a big birthday (or to say “thanks having our baby” so she really hears it), this heirloom piece contains all of our most favourite, precious things: hearts, pearls, diamonds and gold   


    Feu De Bois Scented Candle£ 210

    There are candles… and then there are Diptyque candles. When you want to say “thanks for having us” in a meaningful way


    Leopards Beach Towel£ 440

    One of our top tips for coming up with the perfect gift is to think of something super-basic and boring, and elevate the s*** out of it

    Luisa Beccaria

    Iridescent Glass Jug£ 288

    We truly believe there is never a bad time to give a friend or happy couple a gorgeous glass jug in the perfect shade of green


    The Chelsea Long Trench Coat£ 1,450

    While buying clothes for stylish woman is usually impossible, we don’t know a single person who wouldn’t want to receive this (including everyone at Wardrobe ICONS HQ)


    Happy Hearts 18-karat Rose Gold Cuff£ 2,230

    For a best friend or sister who wears her heart on her… wrist. She’ll never (ever) tire of this elegant piece 

    Louis Vuitton

    Neverfull Handbag£ 920

    Because every busy woman we know has a tote on her elbow for the overflow – and wouldn’t it be lovely if it was this beautiful

    The Big One

    Most of the time, it’s the thought that counts. However, at certain points in life, there are moments where you’re able to give and receive something a little more extravagant. And man, is it fun. We’ve pooled resources for friends and bought them dream gifts they’ve loved. And we’ve received the odd blow-out gift that we’ve absolutely treasured. For this issue, we had such a good time dream-shopping for the ultimate big-ticket presents.  


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