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  • The Big One

    Most of the time, it’s the thought that counts. However, at certain points in life, there are moments where you’re able to give and receive something a little more extravagant. And man, is it fun. We’ve pooled resources for friends and bought them dream gifts they’ve loved. And we’ve received the odd blow-out gift that we’ve absolutely treasured. For this issue, we had such a good time dream-shopping for the ultimate big-ticket presents.  


    Trinity de Cartier 18ct Ring£1,150

    Seriously iconic, Petro’s dad gave her mum a Cartier trinity ring for her 40th and she hasn’t taken it off since 

    Arthur Price

    Kings 58 Piece Canteen Cutlery Set£299

    A classic wedding gift, they’ll think of you every time they throw a dinner party


    X Globe Trotter Medium GG Supreme Suitcase£2,660

    Because everyone deserves to travel in style… and Gucci luggage gets passed down through the generations 


    Constellation Manhattan Quartz 28 mm Watch£4,360

    A valuable birthday reminder that time spent with the people we love is our greatest luxury 


    175 Artisan 4.8L Stand Mixer£499

    We challenge you to find a keen baker who wouldn’t want to receive this beauty (pssst… they don’t exist)

    Dear reader with a significant birthday in your near future, do yourself a favour and put these beauties at the top of your list

    Angela Wickstead

    Floral-embroidered Linen Tablecloth£625

    Designer Angela Wickstead (yes, mother of Emilia) creates embroidered linens that feel like instant treasures – and make the perfect christening or hostess gift


    2.55 Handbag£4,300

    The 30th birthday present Laura’s friends and family pooled resources to buy her – and that she cherishes to this day

    Noor Fares

    Anahata 18kt Gold, Agate, Opal & Sapphire Ring£1,895

    For a big birthday (or to say “thanks having our baby” so she really hears it), this heirloom piece contains all of our most favourite, precious things: hearts, pearls, diamonds and gold   


    Feu De Bois Scented Candle£210

    There are candles… and then there are Diptyque candles. When you want to say “thanks for having us” in a meaningful way

    One of our top tips for coming up with the perfect gift is to think of something super-basic and boring, and elevate the s*** out of it

    Luisa Beccaria

    Iridescent Glass Jug£288

    We truly believe there is never a bad time to give a friend or happy couple a gorgeous glass jug in the perfect shade of green


    The Chelsea Long Trench Coat£1,650

    While buying clothes for stylish woman is usually impossible, we don’t know a single person who wouldn’t want to receive this (including everyone at Wardrobe ICONS HQ)


    Happy Hearts 18-karat Rose Gold Cuff£2,230

    For a best friend or sister who wears her heart on her… wrist. She’ll never (ever) tire of this elegant piece 

    Louis Vuitton

    Neverfull Handbag£920

    Because every busy woman we know has a tote on her elbow for the overflow – and wouldn’t it be lovely if it was this beautiful



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