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  • The Summer Switch

    Once it turns from spring to summer, we often find our normal 9-5 make-up is either too strong, too heavy, or not quite perspiration-proof. So we inevitably bench our usual beauty buys in favour of heatwave-friendly ones. They’re hardcore enough to withstand not only the sun, but also air-conditioned offices and longer, hotter days. From the best waterproof mascara to the all-round glow stick, here are our must-buys for the beach days ahead.

    By Petro and Laura
    laura loves


    Eyeko Beach Waterproof Mascara£19
    Laura Fantacci-Eyeko-Mascara

    In the past when preparing for a beach holiday, I would book myself in for a lash tint and curl, but my lashes are so short and fine that the overall effect was rarely satisfactory. Plus I’ve always been reluctant to try waterproof mascaras, as they’ve seemed too much work to take off. Yet if there’s one thing that will instantly change the look of my face (for the better), it’s a coat of mascara. Even if it’s just a sweep, winter or summer it’s something that instantly opens up my eyes and gives me a more feminine gaze. What I loved about Eyeko Beach Waterproof Mascara is that it gives you natural coverage, lift and curl, without looking like you’re actually wearing make-up on the beach. It comes off easily with an oil or bi-phase cleanser and the colour doesn’t fade throughout the day.

    laura loves

    Charlotte Tilbury

    Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick in Moon Beach£30
    Laura Fantacci-Charlotte-Tilbury

    Like many women, I see my summer holiday as an opportunity to go make-up-less and let my skin ‘breathe’. Especially once I’ve developed a bit of a base, I become a little lazy and even in the evening I wear as little as possible, so as not to clog my skin. There are, however, a few essentials I’ll always pack that not only enhance my tan, but also give my skin a little extra glow. Charlotte Tilbury’s Beach Stick Lip-to-Cheek Colour Pop is two products in one: part lipstick, part highlighter and blush in one chunky stick, it’s the perfect multitasking tool. It comes in five fabulous shades, appropriately called Formentera, Ibiza, Las Salinas, Es Vedra and, my favourite, Moon Beach. Apply straight to your skin and blend with your fingertips for a just-perfect dewy look.

    Petro Loves

    Bobbi Brown

    Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing Powder in Aruba£30

    I wear a lot less make-up in the summer, as I find my skin needs to be able to breathe or it comes up in hives or spots. However, from time to time it’s nice to give your look a little boost. This bronzer is half a shade darker than I’d normally go for, but on sunkissed skin it’s just right for enhancing your tan. It glides on easily without caking, due to the addition of crushed micro pearls. Let’s put it this way – I’m a fan of anything that gives me effortless cheekbones, and this product does.

    Petro Loves


    Clarins 4 Colour All-In-One Pen for Eyes & Lips – Shade 03£28

    I loved the idea of the Clarins retro-style 4 Colour All-In-One pen. One pen contains two eyeliners and two lipsticks, so it’s a great travelling partner. I tended to wear the turquoise eyeliner pen without mascara for a modern 90s feel – although I’m sure I’ll get lots of wear out of the darker shades in the winter. It was easy to apply and didn’t require reapplication, but came off easily with eye make-up remover. It’s perhaps a bit of a dip into teenage nostalgia, but if you can’t be a bit experimental with your look in the summer holidays, when can you?



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