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  • Treatments that Last

    Of course a facial is beneficial and a massage is divine, but for the Smart Price edition we wanted to find the most cost-effective beauty treatments. These will yield results for several weeks, and in some cases months, after only one session. 

    Laura and Petro
    George Northwood Supermodel Strands from £60

    I am lucky enough to have never needed to colour my hair, but around this time of year I have noticed it starts to look a bit dull and in need of vitamin D. So I was keen to try the Supermodel Strands process at George Northwood. It is basically a balayage tint as opposed to highlights, which is then followed by a shine treatment. The idea is subtle colour that gives you a natural, sun-kissed look, but which doesn’t need to be maintained, as it’ll fade as it grows out. I am thrilled with the results. It’s barely noticeable to anyone other than myself, but I do look like I have come back from a three-week holiday in the sun. My hair is also less greasy, but doesn’t feel stiff or bleached. This is the ideal treatment for natural blondes or light brunettes. For darker hair, try the gloss treatment that is washed in, restoring natural shine and deepening colour.

    Blink Brow Bar Ultimate Lash Curl £65

    I often don’t wear make-up, but I do find that, due to my fair lashes, I need a bit of mascara just to frame my eyes. So the Blink Brow Bar Ultimate Lash Curl treatment appealed. First they use an adhesive to define your individual lashes, before adding a stiffening solution that helps lift them from the root. Then comes a perm solution to curl your lashes, and finally a conditioning product to restore shine and body. If you are fair I would recommend a tint to finish with. The results are brilliant – I look like I am wearing false lashes. The best bit is that it lasts for around 8-12 weeks – plus I got a free head and shoulder massage thrown in to help me relax while the treatment was in progress. Cost per day, this is a great idea pre-holiday, wedding or big occasion. I would definitely invest again.

    SmileLab Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips £38

    I had my teeth professionally whitened in my early twenties and, despite being super-happy with the final effect, by the end of the treatment my teeth were so sensitive I could hardly speak for days, so I’ve been sceptical about trying anything again. Fifteen years later, my teeth were in need of a whitening top-up. I tried a number of whitening toothpastes, but nothing gave me the results I was looking for so I looked into a gentle at-home product that was easy to use and enamel-safe. The SmileLab Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips are developed by dental professionals – it’s a complete teeth-whitening treatment that contains 15 double pouches with pre-dosed strips for upper and lower teeth. You simply apply the strips to clean teeth for 30 minutes and brush well after use to remove all gel residue. I stopped at seven days because I wanted to achieve a natural effect, but you can continue for up to 14 days for more noticeable results. 

    Swanky Portobello Long Lasting Gel Pedicure £40

    Up to a few months ago, I had never tried gel nails – I had heard terrible things about them ruining your nail beds and not letting your nails breathe, so I always stuck to regular polish. Yet a three-week trip to Australia over Christmas, where I knew I’d have no time for reapplication and wanted my nails to resist sand and sea, made me test this treatment. I decided to try it on my toes at my local store (Swanky, in London), and my pedicure remained glossy perfection for the entire three weeks. The process involves applying between two to three coats of a special polish that dries underneath a UV light and is sealed off with a special gloss at the top. It can last over a month on your toes. Don’t try to remove it yourself, as the polish has to be soaked and removed professionally so that you don’t damage your nail beds. Provided you let your nails ‘breathe’ for a few weeks in-between polishes and you don’t do it all year round, I have found it a really effective treatment for a long-lasting, chip-proof pedicure.



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