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    Top Tips

    • Keep the rest of your look a little more polished if you’re carrying it in the city, so think leather slides rather than flip-flops
    • Don’t be afraid to go for a style with some embellishment – this trend is meant to be fun
    • Invest in styles in durable materials, such as bamboo and wicker, if you can, for a smarter look
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    The Basket Bag

    Traditionally, when you think of straw bags you immediately envisage the sea and sand, but recently we’ve started thinking of a wicker bag as a stylish summer accessory – whether you’re in the city or by the coast. Jane Birkin epitomised basket-bag-carrying chic in the 60s, and for the last couple of seasons the item has been firmly back on the fashion radar. There’s something effortless about carrying a wicker basket or raffia tote that lends itself to summer dressing and gives you that little bit of French insouciance. Whimsical and romantic, but still practical (despite what our partners say) – the basket bag puts a spring in our step every time…

    Phoebe Roche

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    Top Tips

    • If you’re not quite ready to go all-out with this trend, a simple style in a natural colour is a great way to ease yourself in
    • Stick to styles that are on the smaller size to avoid looking as if you’re actually on your way to a picnic
    • The right style can transition from day to night, just make sure it’s more structured 
    • Approach this trend with confidence – you will probably get a few looks, but fashion is all about embracing individuality



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