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Jordan Foster

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US-based stylist Jordan Foster is one of the best-dressed women on Instagram. Her account @jordiefos is full of outfits that take everyday dressing to elevated heights. Whether teaming jeans with a tank, layering knitwear over slips or showcasing several ways to style a plaid shirt, her effortlessly polished looks are an endless source of inspiration. 

Hair by Erickson Arrunategui

Makeup by Joel Vasquez

Jordan’s style prowess is no surprise; she has spent her career dressing some of the biggest names in the fashion industry – Lily Aldridge, Karlie Kloss, Karolina Kurkova, Candice Swanepoel, Joan Smalls and Ashley Graham, to name a few. Along with her sisters, Sara and Erin, she also works on the contemporary label Favorite Daughter, where she is style director. 

We visited Jordan’s New York home to get a closer look at her wardrobe and talk more about her approach to getting dressed.


“Favorite Daughter was, at its core, created to fill a void in our closets. There were so many things that my sisters and I wanted in our own wardrobes that either didn’t exist or were at a price point that wasn’t reasonable to us. This houndstooth suit started with the top, which was inspired by Dior’s New Look collection from the ’40s. We wanted that waist definition and textured fabric that he was so known for. Our customer loves sets, so we added a matching pant and blazer.”


“My everyday style is comfortable, clean and effortless. I tend to dress very casually day to day. The Simon coat, named after Erin’s husband, is probably my favourite piece at Favorite Daughter right now. We wanted to create a duster coat that was super-soft and warm, with a bit of a cinched waist when closed.”


“My jewellery is so important to my style. This beaded Roxanne First is one of my prized possessions as of late. It has my initials JFW (W for my married name, Woodger) and I got it when I spent the summer in England. This sweater is the La Ligne ‘Toujours’ sweater that I snagged in the NET-A-PORTER sale this past summer. La Ligne is one of my favourite brands and is special to me because I used to intern and then assist for the co-founders, Meredith Melling and Valerie Macaulay, when they left Vogue.”


“I love this bag, mostly because I didn’t have to buy it! My sister bought it for herself and I borrowed it and just never gave it back. I love what a striking contrast a white bag is with basically any colour combination.”


“I’ve lived in Tribeca, Manhattan, for the last five years. My days start with getting the kids ready for school with my husband (chaos, obviously) then we all head to our local coffee shop and have a good 10-20 minutes of family time before going our separate ways. I work from home, which consists of making styling video content for brands, fittings for Favorite Daughter, planning and editing photoshoots, shopping for private clients, styling looks for myself/campaigns/e-commerce… a million different things at once. The worst part is the clothing clean-up at the end of the day! Glass of red, TV, bed!”


“I have always wanted a tennis necklace, but the right one at the right price has never come along. However, earlier this year, I found the perfect lab-grown diamond tennis necklace and I now own 10 or more of their pieces. It’s made by Dorsey and it elevates literally any look, from a sweatsuit to an evening dress. I love to layer necklaces and always want a pop of colour mixed in, so I’m wearing a beaded necklace from Yenden Collection here. My ring is by my friend Arielle Ratner.”


“As much as I care about clothing and style, I have to admit, I don’t have a great eye for interior design. The problem is I constantly change what I like in terms of my living space, so it’s very difficult to make a permanent decision. I want my home to be cosy and clean, consisting of mainly neutrals but with pops of colour here and there.”


“Jewellery, to me, is the best (and easiest) way to elevate a look or to take a very simple tee and jeans and make it a complete outfit. I’m mostly drawn to solid metals, anmix of yellow and white golds and on the smaller side. I wear a small 1.5-inch hoop every single day of my life, either from Jennifer Fisher, Jenny Bird, or Mejuri. Bracelets are the same story as necklaces, I always have my Ia Bon hair ties on my wrist, which look like a bracelet. I switch out my rings, but I’ll never take off my Spinelli Kilcollin ring.”


“I had wanted this coat for most of this year, but it was sold out. About two weeks ago I got very lucky and it showed up on the Totême site in my size. It was my birthday present to myself and will be the most special piece I buy this season. I’ve styled it with everything from long flared leggings and New Balance sneakers to wide-leg jeans with lug-sole heeled boots. The colour is so easy to match with black, ivory and blue denim, which covers most of my wardrobe.”


“One of the most common questions I get asked is what is the one bag to invest in, and my answer for the last few years has always been the Celine Triomphe bag. I think it’s a home-run classic that goes with literally anything and will last a lifetime. I love that when worn crossbody it’s nice and short so doesn’t get in the way. I got brown because I have an obsession with brown, but black is probably a better investment for most people.”


“I don’t think I know how to leave the house without sunglasses on. Similar to my jewellery, I feel naked without them. I tend to wear the same two pairs (usually a tortoiseshell and a black pair) for a year, while sometimes mixing in some older pairs. Right now, I’m rotating Chimi 04, Bottega New Entry Cat-Eye and Celine Monochroms 01. The Akila with pink lenses are my husband’s little secret; he’s actually the most stylish person in our home.”


“I saw a woman in NYC at the bank wearing these trousers and I stopped her to ask where they were from. They are Uniqlo x JW Anderson, and I also have them in navy. I got this sweater on one of my visits to London. My first shopping stop is ALWAYS Arket when I’m in London. They don’t ship to the USA, so it’s a great place to find unique pieces at a price point I’m comfortable with. I’d wear this outfit to a daytime meeting then switch out the chunky boots for a heeled skinny boot and head to dinner.”


“Sneakers are so popular now, it seems like every pair is an investment – often, you can only find them on resale platforms. Recently, I invested in a pair of Salomon XT-6 in beige that I found on Farfetch. They’re rugged enough to get me through winter but also sleek enough to look like I’ve made an effort. I have a handful of pairs of New Balance 990/992/993 sneakers, which I love because they make them in so many colours and they’re comfortable. You can never go wrong with a Nike Air Jordan 1 (low or mid) or an Adidas Samba/Campus/Stan Smith. New Balance 327s are also a great option . I honestly don’t think I’ve invested in a heel for maybe a year or more.”


“What we love most about having Favorite Daughter is that we can truly make the pieces we feel are missing from our wardrobes. We are involved in every step of the process. Working with sisters has been just like you’d imagine… tough at times but also so fun. I think the final product in the end is as good as possible because we are comfortable enough with each other (and our collection designer Carla Calvelo and denim designer Carly Smith) to have tough conversations and even arguments about things. It only improves the garments in the end.”


“So many trends right now are in perfect alignment with the way I like to dress. I’m about 5’4”, so I love being able to add a little extra height with a lug sole or small platform boot.  It’s height without wearing a heel and feeling like I’m trying too hard. My favourite pairs are from Ganni, Phillip Lim 3.1, and Proenza Schouler, and I wear them with straight-leg jeans and an oversized sweater, French-tucked, most days in the winter.”


“I’ve always done my styling work from home and have a portion of my living space dedicated to it. I have the entire FD collection in my apartment, which is good because I film video content for the brand so often. In my apartment entrance, I have my shoe closets. In the dining area, I have a coat closet. Next to that is my boot and bag closet. In my living-room work area, I have my Favorite Daughter wardrobe drawers, my high-heel cabinets, a clothing rack and shoe rack. In my bedroom, I have a dresser for casual stuff and a tiny closet. I also took over a closet in my daughter’s room. Putting this in writing makes me realise I need to downsize!”


“This corner is where we keep knick-knacks, family photos and artwork. It changes all the time. I love to lean artwork against the shelves rather than hang it up because my preferences are always changing. The LV bag is probably my oldest bag… maybe even from high school. I bought an LV gold keychain to attach to the strap to make it longer and add more metal to it. The Celine Trio bag is the most useful bag I own. Whenever I travel, I carry the black version. It holds SO much stuff and is worn hands-free. The red was a gift and I love wearing it with jeans and a tee.”


“All of the jewellery seen here is part of my personal life and story. Each one is important and has significance, and that’s why I love wearing them every day, even if to some people it’s too much. Many were gifts for significant moments – giving birth, turning 30, getting married, etc. Many represent my career and my partnerships with incredible jewellery designers, whom I am so proud to wear daily.”

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