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What The Fashion Team Wear To The Airport

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Laura, Co-Founder

For both hygiene and temperature reasons, I prefer to have as little skin exposed as possible when I’m flying, so my musts are: covered legs, closed-toe shoes, a baseball cap and always, always a cosy cover-up. Plus, I always carry my in-flight beauty essentials for a spot of altitude self-care.

Lily, Fashion Newsletter Editor

I opt for loose-fitting trousers and a shirt to keep things looking pulled together, and a sweatshirt over my shoulders to avoid the in-flight chill. As well as a tote (for my travel essentials) I always have an easy-access, crossbody bag, which makes passport control a lot easier. Shoe-wise, I like to wear something that keeps my toes covered but is easy to kick off at security if needed. A refreshing face spritz is always the first thing to go into my in-flight toiletries bag.

Des, Senior Fashion Editor

When flying, I rely on my monochrome classics – a fresh white T-shirt, loose track bottoms and my trusty Birkis layered with a luxurious cashmere sock to keep me warm in-flight. I pull this look together with a khaki jacket that’s lightweight but great for layering and extremely useful with its multiple deep pockets. A large lightweight tote is a must.

Polly, Fashion Director

I’m all about comfort when travelling. I always have sunglasses to hand to cover tired eyes from early starts/no make-up and sunshine on arrival. In addition, layers are essential for me as I really feel the in-flight chill, so a lightweight shirt or cardigan and a pair of cashmere socks in my hand luggage to wear with slip-on sandals for the flight. All fit in my trusty basket bag, which is usually too big to pack in my case anyway.

Petro, Co-Founder

Instead of thinking about my travel outfit as a separate entity, I look at it as part of my holiday wardrobe – it’s a simple way to add a few extra pieces without using up packing space. It’s all about being smart and having a good overview of everything I’m packing.

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