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Make-Up Bag Restock

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Laura Loves
“I don’t wear a lot of make-up, but when I do, I want to use products that offer as natural a look as possible. This mascara delivers that, and doesn’t flake or smudge in the way that many do. I love that it uses plant-derived polymers to create natural-looking lash length and that it’s packed with shea butter, niacinamide, panthenol and vitamin E to condition lashes as you wear it. It’s also super-easy to remove, no scrubbing required. A new essential for me.”
Laura Loves
“With a bit of tan left over from my holidays, I’ve been looking for a tint rather than a foundation – something that offers light coverage and won’t mask my summer glow (I want to make the most of it while it’s still there!). I love the idea of Chanel’s Eau De Teint, which is composed of 75% water, making it super-lightweight, hydrating and refreshing. And it lives up to expectations, offering a subtle blurring effect that looks like my real skin, but better. The included brush also makes application flawless and mess-free.”
Petro Loves
“I love anything that offers a shortcut to a natural glow – which is why we’ve teamed up with Cosmetics à la Carte to create another exclusive, following on from the much-loved Pachino lipstick last year. The brand new Bare Glow Luminizer, in the ICONS Exclusive shade of Dusty Rose, is so simple to apply, and can be used as an eyeshadow, blusher and highlighter. I like to sweep it over my eyelids and cheeks for a quick flush of colour; it’s totally foolproof – just how I like my make-up.”
Petro Loves
“I don’t really wear lipstick, but I do sometimes like something to add a little colour, especially in the colder, darker months, so this is the perfect product. A 3-in-1 balm, this adds a hint of semi-sheer colour while moisturising and nourishing the lips. It’s really subtle and a great product to keep in your on-the-go make-up bag for a quick refresh between meetings and appointments.”