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Jessie Randall

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I always imagine that the Loeffler Randall woman is someone really similar to myself. She is someone who is creative and appreciates quality, comfort, and also something beautiful.

I was really inspired by a trip I took to the Cotswolds while I was designing my recent AW23 collection. I think my love of craft, beautiful colours and materials is really represented through the pieces.

I started Loeffler Randall with my husband Brian when I was 27. I’m 47 now. It was born out of my lifelong love of shoes and wanting to create exactly the toe shape I love, but couldn’t find in the market. It’s grown from two people in a garden apartment in Brooklyn to an office in [New York City’s] SoHo with over 50 employees. We are very lucky to get to design shoes every day.

People definitely describe the brand as feminine. Mostly it’s a line of the things I love and want to wear myself. Personally, I like the mix of dressy and casual. I don’t want to be overly dressy or too casual either. It’s the in-between that I love.

I like to get dressed from the shoes up. I think our big bow Margot mules in bright red are an amazing base for a standout party outfit.

There are so many things that I want to accomplish in the next few years, but I’m also trying to celebrate all the exciting things that we got done this year. We just opened our second store in Charleston [South Carolina], and I am proud of how beautiful and unique it is! We did some fun collabs, and our ready-to-wear line is growing bigger than ever before. I think looking to the future, we definitely want to continue growing our retail footprint. Personally, I want to continue to stay inspired, travel and make beautiful things.

On a normal day, I’m a flat-shoe person. I wear our Leonie ballet flats all the time because they are so easy and chic when I’m running around the city, going into the office or doing something with my kids.

For ten years we’ve been going to Jamaica at Christmastime. I love being barefoot all day on the beach and getting dressed up at night – it’s the ultimate festive party! This is our first year we aren’t going, so I don’t know what I’m going to do with all my fun festive outfits this year.

I’m going to spend as much time as humanly possible with my kids this December. I work so hard all year. Mid December is the only time in the calendar when things slow down a little bit and I plan to take full advantage of it. I’m going to get cosy by the fire, work on a craft project, make some gifts for my friends and snuggle with my kids and dogs in bed.

I love beautiful things: wow shoes. But it’s really important to make shoes that are actually comfortable, too. It’s something you don’t always see when it comes to party shoes. When we designed these shoes, we took the knotted style that we’ve used for a long time and put it on a new heel shape. These heels remind me of a super-chic 1970s woman.

This outfit feels really me, so I would probably wear it most places. The top and shoes are so sweet with the quilting and sequins, but paired with workwear pants they can go from the office to a dinner with friends super easily. If I were going to a more formal party, though, I would probably wear one of our dresses. Right now I’m loving our Shannon dress because the ruffles feel so festive!

At the moment, I’m loving our Violet bag that has this incredible oversized satin bow on it. It is so perfect for the holidays. I think I find inspiration for new styles all over the place. Travelling is a huge source of inspiration; vintage textiles, museums, interior design, craft. I also like doing different creative things like learning needlepoint because the process is so meditative and it helps clear my mind, making room for new, creative ideas to come.