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Eiesha Bharti Pasricha

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You may not recognise her name, but you’ll certainly recognise the spaces she’s had a hand in creating. As artistic director, Eiesha Bharti Pasricha has poured much of her personal style into Highlands hotel Gleneagles as well as London members’ club Maison Estelle and its much-loved rural Oxfordshire counterpart, the breathtaking Estelle Manor – the style set’s It destination of choice.

One of the most effortlessly stylish women we have the pleasure of knowing, Eiesha has always had a talent for helping to create beautiful things, a quality also echoed by her past investment in brands including Roksanda, Asceno, Dr. Barbara Sturm and even an olive oil brand from LA – We Are Brightland – among others.

Born in Scotland and raised in New Delhi, she splits her time between her home in Notting Hill and Gleneagles, with her husband Sharan Pasricha, founder of Ennismore, the largest lifestyle hospitality firm behind the aforementioned destinations, and their two children. The couple bought the historic Auchterarder hotel eight years ago and have since transformed it into one of the most loved in the world, respectfully modernising it while preserving its heritage, to create a tranquil escape for guests. Eiesha’s artistic flair is ever-present there; as well as beautiful interiors and creative seasonal touches (you’ve likely seen and saved them on Instagram), the hotel is home to an award-winning spa and Scotland’s only restaurant to hold two Michelin stars.

We travelled to Gleneagles to find out more about the magic of the place and take a look inside Eiesha’s expertly curated wardrobe – and it didn’t disappoint…

When I married Sharan, hospitality wasn’t even in our vocabulary. I was convinced he was going to do something in venture capital or M&A, but life had different plans and, four years into our marriage, he acquired a brand called The Hoxton, which was a single hotel in Shoreditch at the time. It became clear to me when he started telling me his vision that building brands was in his blood, he just didn’t know it. He promptly set up a holding company called Ennismore, named after our first apartment and, 11 years later, he’s turned Ennismore into a hospitality beast. It’s only when we acquired Gleneagles eight years ago and he stepped into the world of luxury that we both realised that so much of what makes luxury hospitality special played to my strengths.

When guests arrive at Gleneagles, we like to believe we aren’t just a hotel. It’s a Scottish slice of heaven that is meant to serve warmth and care. The team strive to go out of their way to anticipate the guests’ needs. We hope our guests feel that very emotion and leave having created irreplicable memories. We won the ‘art of hospitality’ award this year, from The World’s 50 Best Hotels, which emphasises the attention to detail we give in our service, right from housekeeping to your front desk check-in experience.

Gleneagles is where I have spent my last eight Christmases with Sharan and our two children. It is pure magic during the festive season. You wake up to the sound of bagpipes, with a view of mist setting over the highlands. The pastry team make the most unbelievable festive treats and there are so many Christmas activities to get stuck into. It really doesn’t get any better.

People can spot an inauthentic brand from a mile away. It is important not to try too hard. Sharan and I are the customer for both Gleneagles and Estelle, so we always ask ourselves what would we want? He and I have very similar yet different demands, so when you fuse that together, we pretty much cover all bases.

I am obsessed with discovering new brands; it is one of my greatest pleasures in life. Having a hotel meant I could provide a platform to showcase them. Our retail arcade has seven individual stores, ranging from high-end womenswear to fine jewellery to a store dedicated solely to children, one just for skincare and beauty and one for countryside highland clothing. I am not sure any other hotel in the world has as many shops. I never understood why hotel shopping couldn’t be as good as a concept store in London or New York. One is most relaxed on holiday, so it’s the perfect time to indulge. I often find guests commenting that they never have to panic when they come to Gleneagles, as if you forget cleanser or didn’t carry an extra layer of warmth or need a special gift, or if you decide to propose or need a party dress, we have you covered!

This Prada bag was a gift to myself at Heathrow T5, when my flight to LA was delayed. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it on Jenna Lyons when she came to Gleneagles for our collaboration with Marfa Stance. This Schiaparelli bag is one of my most-admired pieces. It’s like carrying a piece of art.

The bracelet was made by Irene Forte and I love that it spells my name and fits snug to my wrist. The mask ring almost doubles up as an evil eye (I am very superstitious). It’s by Eliane Fattal. The necklace is from FoundRae in New York; I think it’s my favourite store in the world. And the two medallions on the side are my children’s star signs. The ball and chain is by Jessica McCormack and it holds a pendant from my wedding day on it.

Gleneagles has had a 360-degree transformation. Aside from the facade, every square inch of the hotel has been refurbished. It was a heritage asset that everyone knew about universally, but its main associations were golfing and the 2005 G8 summit. I don’t think I would have ever vacationed there myself in the state it was in. Today, it’s a place that my friends and social set – who are the fussiest travellers – book, even when I’m not up there. Their allegiance isn’t to me, it’s genuinely to what this brand has now become.

I am not partial to any one brand. My wardrobe is a mix of high and low. You will often find me wearing a dress from The Row with a denim jacket from Zara. But I do wear a lot of Dior, Giuliva and old Celine. I’m quite obsessed with trouser suits and I steal my husband’s denim jackets!

I love baking. I think I find it really therapeutic. You must be precise – it’s not like cooking, where you can add a bit of this or that. It requires you to be really focused, so I think it’s a bit of an escape when I feel overwhelmed. I also love the way my house smells when I bake; there is nothing like the aroma of a freshly baked cake. My children insist I bake every week, and Sharan is quite partial to my sea salt chocolate chip cookies.

A party clutch has to have a sparkle or be a beautiful Pantone black. It MUST fit my portable charger and my iPhone. Otherwise it’s a no go.

I am definitely a flats girl during the day. I’m not that tall, but I’ve gotten over the need to pretend to be tall. I live in my trainers and pumps. But you will definitely find me in heels in the evening – I love a heel with a statement detail!

Scotland is in my soul; it is where I was born. I spent a huge amount of my childhood here. My mother grew up here, so she brought us back often to see her parents. The beauty of Scotland is indescribable; the sparkling lochs, vast wilderness, rugged landscapes and dramatic scenery can’t be competed with. The views are akin to a still-life painting and it’s a very honest place. The rawness of the land feels very confronting in a way that is healing.

Gleneagles is a family hotel. It can be enjoyed across all generations. There is something for everyone. You can either get stuck into one of our many country pursuits, which include falconry, fly-fishing, horse riding and off-roading, or go for a highland walk or play padel. If you fancy being less active, you can sit by the fire and indulge in some shortbread and visit the spa. You can just bask in the beauty by the lawns or go for a picnic or a bit of whisky tasting. Our American Bar transports you back to the glamour of the 1920s in a way that no other place can. If you love food, our four restaurants won’t disappoint. We do a mean Indian feast, and the breakfast is really special. The smoked salmon is off the chart! And, of course, you can shop.

This jacket and gloves are from my favourite brand of all time, Giuliva Heritage. My friends, Gerardo and Margherita, are the founders.

Yuri, our adventure-playground director, realised very quickly that I wouldn’t wear a pair of green wellies as I don’t like to camouflage. So he bought these for me as a gift, to up my countryside gear.

The thing which motivates me most are my children. I want to set the best example possible to them.

We don’t really switch off over the Christmas period; how can you when it’s the busiest time at our spaces? Also, when your work gives you a lot of joy, you don’t need to. But I ensure my children get a lot of my undivided attention. We watch Christmas movies and eat a lot of chocolate. This year, we’ll be at Estelle Manor, which is a big change for us.

I don’t set goals for New Year’s. It’s a real waste of my time. The secret of success lies in the repeated habits in daily life. I am very focused on my work and I’m a real homemaker at heart. Whatever little time I have outside of these two things gets devoted to my spiritual practice. I meditate and chant almost every day.