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5 Easy Ways To Fix Late-Summer Feet

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A fresh pedicure at the start of the summer signals the beginning of sandal season and is something we look forward to every year. By now, however, all that beach time, swimming and sandal-wearing can mean the pedi is long faded and your feet are in need of some TLC. If that sounds familiar, read on for our five-step guide to reviving tired feet.

Tackle Dry Skin

First up, tackle dry, cracked skin with an intense exfoliation. Beauty Pie’s Peel Socks are the answer, containing glycolic and lactic acid. Simply tape the socks around your ankles and wait 90 minutes (a perfect excuse to get a glass of wine and put your feet up), then rinse off after the allotted time. Over the next seven days, dry skin will peel off to reveal rehydrated, soothed and smoothed feet.

Tidy Up Nails

It goes without saying that any old polish should be removed first. Soak a cotton pad in a nourishing remover and hold on each nail for a few seconds before you start wiping. Next, tackle your toenails. Classic clippers are perfect for trimming the length without worrying about perfecting the edges. Then shape with a crystal nail file, which will give you a smooth finish while sealing nail tips and working to protect them from damage and splitting.

Show Your Cuticles Some Love

Massage a few drops of nourishing cuticle oil into each nail. Infused with a high concentration of shea oil, L’Occitane’s cuticle oil comes with a brush applicator for easy application and softens cuticles while strengthening nails. Use an orange stick to push back your cuticles, but avoid any cutting or trimming and save that for your next salon visit. Finish by massaging in a luxurious foot cream (but skip this step if it has been less than seven days since you used the Peel Socks).

Don’t Skip The Base Coat

Now it’s time to start applying polish. First, wipe any excess oil or moisturiser from your toenails with a cotton pad, this will make your polish last longer. Separate out your toes with a comfortable set of toe separators then apply your base coat. Don’t skip this step as it protects your nails from staining and acts as a barrier between the natural oils of your toes and the polish, making it last longer. The superfood base coat from Nails Inc is a powerful treatment that helps to fortify keratin and encourage healthy growth, and also counteracts any ridges for a super-smooth application of colour.

Finish With Polish

Finally, it’s time to apply the colour. For a fresh and understated look we love a neutral, but you can’t go wrong with a deep red, either. Apply two thin coats, allowing a few minutes of drying time between each, and tidy up any edges with an orange stick if needed. Finish with a layer of top coat to add shine, seal the nails and prevent chipping.

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