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Post-Summer Self-Care

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Summer can play havoc with your skin and hair; overdoing the sun, sea and sundowners can result in dry locks and dull, dehydrated skin in desperate need of some TLC. To tackle these concerns, we share some of our go-to products; plus, we spoke to OSKIA founder Georgie Cleeve for her expert post-summer skincare tips. Whether you use this weekend to take some time for your ‘everything shower’ or spend an evening relaxing in the bath, read on for the products that can replenish and repair the sins of the summer months.


Georgie says: “When we’ve been enjoying the stronger sunshine, pigmentation can become more apparent. To treat it, you need to locate formulations that are going to tackle cellular processes in multiple ways. OSKIA’s Renaissance Brightlight Serum has 16 different ingredients, clinically proven to slow down the process of ‘melanin transfer’, inhibit tyrosinase and a-MSH, reduce pigmentation caused by free radicals and bind copper, which would usually be used by the cell for melanin production.

“Another consequence of sun exposure is fine lines and differing skin texture. UV rays travel deep into the dermis, causing free-radical damage and oxidative stress, which breaks down collagen and elastin fibres. Finding ingredients that kindly target collagen, type I & III, is key and, when paired with activates and antioxidants, can be a huge game-changer and provide a healthier, more youthful complexion. OSKIA’s unique Super-R capsules intelligently blend 4th-generation retinoid with encapsulated vitamin C.

“A top tip for everyone in autumn and winter, is to focus on hydration and nourishment. Different-weight hyaluronic acid is good, but more advanced ranges will contain many other ingredients. Consider OSKIA’s Isotonic Hydra Serum, which has many ingredients to tackle 24-hour hydration, both topically and within the skin cell itself. To ensure actives are able to penetrate, use exfoliating treatments overnight while your skin is repairing. OSKIA’s Liquid Mask Lactic Acid Peel is a dreamy overnight serum and can be followed with a moisturiser or oil 10 minutes after application, to reveal a super-smooth, hydrated complexion in the morning.”

At W. ICONS we also love Sevenly Delight Brightening Concentrated Serum from 456 Skin, who specialise in skincare for olive to black skin. This potent concentrate offers a new take on brightening. A skin-treatment elixir packed with biodynamic actives that regulate pigmentation through seven different melanin pathways for maximum effect, it’s proven to reduce 95% of hyperpigmentation, acne scars, dark spots and melasma after only two months of use.


If you’ve just returned from holiday, prolonging your golden glow may be your primary concern. Hydration is key here; aside from drinking lots of water, look for products that will deliver intense moisturisation.

This starts in the shower, where a nourishing shower cream, such as Sol De Janeiro’s Shower Cream Gel, which contains cupuaçu butter and coconut oil, will leave skin feeling hydrated.

Follow with Gatineau’s award-winning Tan Accelerating Lotion, which not only delivers a faster, deeper, longer-lasting tan when used before sun exposure, but can also be used as an aftersun that is clinically proven to extend your tan by four weeks.

Sisley’s After-Sun Care Tan Extender is also a favourite, harnessing the hydrating and healing properties of shea butter, stevia leaf extracts and plant glycerin to comfort, nourish and soften. This, with the combination of low-dosage self-tanning active ingredients (think DHA and erythrulose) naturally improves your tan so you can extend that holiday feeling long after you return home.

Finally, it may seem counterintuitive, but don’t stop exfoliating; scrubbing away the top layer of skin won’t affect your tan and will only enhance your glow. Beauty Pie’s Super Healthy Skin Nourishing Body Polish smooths and softens skin and provides deep moisturisation and hydration.


Prolonged sun exposure can cause environmental damage to the hair, leaving it feeling dry with split ends and lacking body and shine. Start the restorative process with Ormorovzica’s Revitalising Scalp Mask, which removes product build-up, gently exfoliates – to help promote volume and growth by unblocking pores – and delivers a conditioning blend of essential oils.

Follow by gently massaging in Augustinus Bader’s The Scalp Treatment to stimulate growth, thickness and vibrancy. Blended with watercress and Indian cress extracts that strengthen and support keratin production, it also contains the brand’s patented Trigger Factor Complex (TFC8®) technology, which supports cellular renewal and natural growth.

A once-to-twice-a-week restorative treatment routine will also help to counteract sun exposure and subsequent damage. Olaplex’s The Nº.3 Hair Perfector is a cult pre-shampoo treatment that is proven to strengthen hair from the inside out and noticeably repair extreme damage, thanks to its patented bond-building technology. Follow with The Nº.8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask, a highly concentrated reparative mask that provides intense, weightless moisture to add shine, smoothness and body.

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