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Team ICONS’ Dream-Buy Sunglasses

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Polly | Fashion Director
"I'm really into the super light lenses we've seen this season. They're great for those in-and-out weather days, and I think they really add a point of interest to your look. This aviator style has a retro edge that I love."
Petro | Co-founder
"I am a big fan of colourful lens sunglasses at the moment. I can't say if it's a forever buy yet, but I have been wearing mine nonstop since buying them."
Lily | Fashion Newsletter Editor
"These are a really similar shape to my beloved Miu Miu pair. I think they are a truly timeless and classic design. I love the green lens and tortoiseshell frame, which is a softer colour than the usual black. Sometimes, I find black looks harsh against my complexion. I was pleasantly surprised by the price tag too!"
Charlotte | Social Media Director
“These have been on my wish list FOREVER. I think they’re the most classic shape and I’d wear them for a lifetime. One day they will be mine!”
Yvonne | Ecommerce Manager
"I have been eyeing these sunglasses for their chic and simple design, which is exactly what I look for in eyewear. I prefer to have a select few pairs that I take care of and wear year after year, and these would be a perfect addition."
Elizabeth | Editorial Assistant
“I’ve been dreaming about these for ages as I love the cat-eye shape and the tortoiseshell pattern. I wear sunglasses all year long, so I might just invest in these.”
Phoebe | Social Media Assistant
"Ray-Ban Wayfarers are a timeless style that has been on my wish list for a while now, so I’m going to take advantage of this 20% discount while it lasts!"
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