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Slow And Sustainable Fashion Brands Approved By Our Editor

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Farm Rio | Vibrant Bohemian Style

More than 25 years ago, in a small market booth, friends Kátia Barros and Marcello Bastos began what is now a cult favourite, FARM Rio. Though the Brazilian brand has grown significantly since its humble beginnings, it’s still dedicated to supporting the country’s rich environment. At FARM Rio, one purchase equals one tree planted – and that’s over one million trees to date. Additionally, the brand has achieved carbon-neutral certification and introduced more sustainable versions of fabrics into its collections, such as organic cotton and biodegradable nylon.

Everlane | Perfectly Timeless Basics

Never have everyday basics been so easy. American brand Everlane has been thriving since its launch in 2010, by investing in quality and transparency. Time and effort are put into finding the best factories in the world – often the same ones used by designer favourites – which are thoroughly checked for their ethical practices, such as fair wages for employees and a healthy environment. Everlane uses high-quality materials and is transparent about the cost of production for each one, from materials to labour and transportation. These practices make it easy to find forever pieces that you can feel good about.

St. Agni | Elevated Everyday Staples

A sustainable independent label based in Australia, St Agni is all about less is more, creating pieces with longevity and versatility at their core. Started by Lara and Matt Fells, from their home in Byron Bay, the brand is underpinned by the idea of modern wardrobing, creating staples that feel modern yet timeless. It uses as many locally sourced, certified materials as possible and is committed to ensuring traceability across all of its suppliers. It’s also part of ‘1% For The Planet’ (which sees them pledge 1% of their yearly sales revenue to not-for-profit organisations) and continues to develop further sustainable and ethical protocols, which include plans to introduce a resale system for its products.

Nanushka | Elegant Minimalist Chic

When London College of Fashion graduate Sandra Sandor wanted to start up her own label, the natural step was to take it back to her homeland of Hungary and the city of Budapest, which once had a thriving textiles industry. Still based there, she keeps all of the production within the country, using talented local seamstresses and craftspeople and low-impact materials. Every piece is designed to be functional, thanks to Sandor’s belief that if something is, then it’s also inherently beautiful. Colour is expertly used to add an edge to minimalist silhouettes, resulting in pieces that are simple yet statement.

Reformation | Contemporary Feminine Style

Reformation was one of the first brands to fly the flag for sustainability. It originally started life as a vintage clothing store in LA, before expanding to design its own pieces, and its provenance is clear to see in its vintage-inspired designs with an unashamedly feminine edge. Everything is made from low-impact materials, rescued deadstock fabrics and repurposed vintage clothing – and designed, shot and shipped from the brand’s Los Angeles base, while some products are also made there. To reduce waste, limited-edition collections are released each week, starting with small quantities of each one, meaning that if a product is popular, more can be made according to data feedback, without surplus being produced.

Ninety Percent | Vegan Wardrobe Classics

Ninety Percent puts its money where its mouth is. Not only is it a sustainable brand, utilising low-impact and vegan materials, it also believes in sharing its profits – 90% of them, in fact, hence the name; 80% is donated to charitable causes, 10% to those who make the collections happen, and only the last 10% goes to shareholders. These values keep pushing the brand forward to be the best it can be for the world.

Re/Done | Repurposed Vintage Favourites

Re/Done was born in Los Angeles with a desire to reimagine an American classic: denim. Founded by Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur, the brand repurposes vintage denim favourites from the likes of Levi’s and Hanes to create limited quantities of unique designs. This philosophy promotes circular fashion and brings it to the forefront of the industry. Through the success of the repurposed range, Re/Done now also offers its own line of women’s and men’s clothing, while still keeping conscious production in mind.

Deiji Studios | Luxe Linen Loungewear

Australia has a knack for producing brands that exemplify laidback luxury pieces created in linen, and Deiji Studios is one of our favourites. Founded by Juliette Harkness and Emma Nelson in 2016, it has become synonymous with an easy, minimalist aesthetic that blends lounge-, beach- and sleepwear to create pieces built for comfort and style in equal measure. Sustainability and social responsibility have been a priority for the business since its inception – it’s a member of ‘1% For The Planet’, all fabrics used are natural or sustainable fibres and packaging is biodegradable and recycled.

Rothy’s | Responsible Shoes Of Tomorrow

Rothy’s, a shoe and accessories brand launched in 2016, wants to close the loop – and through its practices, it’s getting close. All products are made from natural, recycled or renewable materials – in fact, the aim is to use twice-recycled materials in as many products as possible. For example, more than 166 million single-use plastic bottles have been made into the brand’s signature thread, which is used in the creation of most of Rothy’s products. This thread allows their shoes to be thrown into the washing machine, allowing for plenty of wear rather than frequent replacement. And it’s always good to remember: the most sustainable thing in your wardrobe is something you already own.

Faithfull The Brand | Eternal Summer Essentials

Founded in 2016, in Bali, Indonesia, by co-directors Sarah-Jane Abrahams and Helle Them-Enger, Faithfull The Brand is beloved for its relaxed, bohemian vibe that evokes a spirit of eternal summer. Expect dreamy, flattering silhouettes and holiday essentials that can be mixed and matched for years to come. Every piece is created by hand, in collaboration with the island’s best artisans, and since 2021, the brand has been a Certified B Corporation, based on its commitment to its community, conscious business practices and pledge to be a force for good.