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Inside The Wardrobe Of Georgiana Huddart

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I had always been obsessed with the crinkle fabric that Hunza G is known for, as my mum wore it a lot in the 80s when she was pregnant with my siblings. So the brand held a very nostalgic and special place in my mind. Then I rediscovered it aged 18 in a vintage shop in Berlin, and I just knew I had to bring it back to life. I know that sounds cheesy but I sort of knew the minute I saw it ‒ it was love at first sight!

I get asked a lot who the Hunza G woman is, but I don’t think there’s a definitive answer. The Hunza G woman is everyone! What I do know is that the crinkle makes her feel confident and comfortable.

I have a deep love for Italy. I love the food, culture, history, art and landscape. I find it really romantic and quite analogue. I find myself reading more and being less on my phone while I’m there. The minute I get there, I just feel relaxed.

I am sort of utilitarian when it comes to my everyday style. I wear jeans, ballet pumps, and a mix between white T-shirts, tank tops and hoodies. I am not a trend or pattern person, and I don’t wear much colour. My favourite colour is pink though, which is ironic! I have two small kids and a hectic work schedule, so I need to be comfortable and feel like what I am wearing can have kids’ sticky fingerprints on it.

I wear these heels with everything ‒ baggy jeans, tight jeans, mini skirts. I am someone who always wears flats during the day, but will then always wear heels out. I love getting dressed up and having a differentiation between evening and day ‒ but it's still not very girly. It's mostly black and silver clothes in the evening. Prada vampire is the aesthetic!

I really think of myself as a Prada vampire! I think it's a great brand, and it just does exactly what I want and need: it's not fussy, it's super durable and not too precious. These bags can be thrown around and dropped on the floor, and they are still great. I love a heritage Italian brand.

I like simple styles in interiors, with great hard finishes ‒ much like my clothing taste. I always want to make the shell and bones of the house really strong, with amazing wooden floors, good bathroom fittings and kitchen taps, and then I just kind of let the rest be. I don’t curate belongings and objects, they are just things we have collided with through our lives. I don’t really buy any house stuff ever.

I am a jewellery obsessive. The bracelet was my mum’s, and my dad gave it to her when I was born, so naturally I stole it back! Jessica McCormack is also one of my favourite jewellery designers ‒ she makes her pieces in Georgian settings but it feels contemporary, timeless and wearable. Rosa de la Cruz is another brand which I have so much of because it's fun but chic. That's where my smiley face ring is from, which is probably my favourite thing I’ve ever bought. It was the first thing I bought when I had made some money from Hunza.

Inspiration for collections comes from everywhere and anything ‒ which is why I think that to be creative, you have to be curious. No conversation or reference is ever potentially not relevant. The tortoiseshell hoops that became one of our biggest hits and put us on the map came from me looking for curtain rings in Portobello Market. No one was doing them on swim at the time, and we got copied so much!

When it comes to what’s next, I really just want to keep making women feel great in our pieces and broadening the categories and selection, but slowly and in a curated way that still serves a purpose.

So my husband gave me the Cartier bracelet for my birthday ‒ which was crazily spoiling. The other bracelet is Rosa de la Cruz, one of my fave brands. Same as my smiley face. My little earrings are all Rosa de la Cruz too, and then the big hoops are Missoma!

I love flats, and I am a creature of habit, so if I find something I like, I buy multiples. I don’t chop and change much. I want those baby-blue satin Gucci ballet shoes that were in the recent show!

Our recent Weekend Collection is basically about what you would want to wear over a bikini that's versatile and can be used outside of the beach. I wanted some sort of cover-up that was cool, comfortable and didn’t feel too girly. It's timeless and can be worn with jeans, as pyjamas, on the beach, in a city…

The stores are mini versions of the Hunza G world, and mean that people can go in and try on in time for holidays. We get a lot of urgent requests and it's perfect that in our hometown [London] and LA, this is possible. LA was where we first gained loads of organic momentum and recognition through celebrities finding the brand. We had Rihanna, Hailey Bieber and Rosie Huntington-Whitley wearing it in the first year or so. So it makes sense for a store to be there.

I 100% think my style has influenced the brand since taking over, because I do all the design and creative, so it's very much my brain and taste.

Over the next few years, I want to keep growing the business and working with my amazing team, whilst making products that women love and make them feel great.