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An Editor’s Expert Guide To Summer Packing

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Identify Your Heroes

“Pick one or two ‘hero pieces’ that can start the melody of your packing. The hero piece informs the feel of what you pick and often determines the colour palette. This year, I chose our exclusive Casa Raki Ella Jumpsuit. I conceived the idea for this piece last year, when everything I wore was clingy. By the end of a hot summer’s day, my clothes were not as comfortable as I wanted them to be. I needed something looser, comfortable, yet still a statement. We worked with Casa Raki to create this, and it’s a re-interpretation of a linen jumpsuit I’ve had for years, but looser and in this standout shade of orange.”

Keep Versatility In Mind

“Our collaborations are very considered pieces. They’re often similar to items we already have in our wardrobes, with a detail that we’ve improved upon. Our exclusives continue our belief of buying better and smarter. Take our Icona Sandal, for example. We worked with Ancient Greek Sandals to make one white sandal that can easily take you from morning through to the early hours.”

Use A Rail To Plan

“I always used to lay my clothes out on my bed when preparing my pack, but now I hang my clothes on a rail. Not only do I find this more helpful, but it’s more enjoyable, too. You can take your time with it this way and not have to worry about removing everything from your bed each night.”

Take Your Pick

“Hang absolutely everything you’re interested in taking with you, and once you’ve done that, edit. I like to colour-coordinate my pieces to make sure I’ve adhered to my colour palette – this stops me from overpacking. Wait to add your accessories until after you’ve made your clothing picks.”

Context Is Key

“Remember, you’re not just packing items, but creating outfits. Everything has a purpose. Try and contextualise your pieces: will you be wearing this during the day while exploring? Or would it be better to be worn in the evening to dinner?”

Mix & Match

“I don’t think you need to try everything on, but I do find it helpful to hold things up in front of the mirror. It helps you explore if you can mix and match your pieces. And always ask yourself these questions before you add something to your suitcase: Am I going to wear this? Is it right for the location?”

Attention To Detail

“Give the same consideration to your beach attire as you would any other outfit – it’s still an outfit. Will you be taking lots of photos while on the beach? Think about what might appear in the background; it’s a small detail, but I like to try and match my beach towel to my swimwear. The devil (and fun) is in the detail. And don’t forget your SPF!”

Consider The Overall Look

“You’ll also want to think about the cover-up and bag that goes with it. This cover-up is another part of our collection with Casa Raki and was designed to be versatile; it can be worn open over your swimsuit or buttoned with a chic belt and sandals. I love how timeless it is.”

Next, We Accessorise

“Accessorise after you’ve decided on your clothes. If you’ve chosen to go with a colour palette, this should be easy. Bring in the finishing touches – separate each outfit from the rest of the rail and ask the question: What shoes am I going to wear with this?”

Phone At The Ready

“This is now the time to lay your clothes on the bed. Start putting outfits together by adding shoes and accessories. Once you’re happy with an outfit, take a picture of it, so you won’t forget how you’ve styled your pieces.”

It’s Time For Shoes

“This may sound obvious, but don’t forget to try on your shoes to make sure they fit correctly. Consider breaking in any new pairs before you leave by wearing them around the house. If they feel a little tight, try wearing them with socks to stretch them out and save your feet from any rubbing.”

Keep Separate

“Shoes are usually the first thing I pack. I’ll line the base of my suitcase with the ones I’m taking and put each pair into a dust bag, so they don’t leave any dirty marks on my clothes.”

Always Use Packing Cubes

Packing cubes can solve so many problems. They easily compartmentalise your items, which makes it easy to unpack at your destination. They also help you keep track of what you’ve already packed as you go.”

Easy Unpacking

“I like to buy a few different sizes and colours, so each family member can have their own designated cubes. Once you arrive at your destination – whether it’s an apartment, villa or hotel – you can pop the packing cube into a drawer and everyone is instantly organised.”

Organise Your Eyewear

“As I like to pack accessories towards the end, I tend to lay them out on my bed. I’ve found it really helpful to organise my accessories by putting each category on a designated tray, so I can easily move them around the bed. I’ll do a tray of sunglasses, a tray of jewellery, a tray of leather goods, and so on.”

Keep It Safe

“Sunglasses are something that I like to have a few of; I like to have a pair that’s more of a statement, one classic and one practical. I pack them inside handbags and pouches to try and save space, but it also protects the glasses from getting damaged.”

Edit Your Jewellery

“Once I’ve decided on which jewellery I’m bringing, I put it in a small case. Don’t take too much; I like a bit of arm candy and beads in the summer, but I also like classic pieces, such as simple gold hoops. It’s the finishing touch to an outfit that can instantly elevate what you’re wearing.”

“Something I love Mejuri for are these stackable earrings. I had a similar pair last year, so when they released a new style, I snapped it up. I love that it’s a 2-in-1 design. They also come in a mixed metal version, which is such an easy way to incorporate both silver and gold into what you’re wearing. Especially if you’re limited on what other matching metals you can pack.”

“This summer, I got a gold welded anklet, which I love and feel it’s opened up a new accessorising opportunity. Holidays are definitely the time to opt for a more playful, colourful beaded version.”

Packing Your Beauty Products

“Most holidays won’t be longer than two weeks, which means you probably won’t get through full-sized beauty product. Save precious space by bringing travel sets and carry-ons from your tried and trusted beauty brands – like this deodorant mini from Malin + Goetz. After a lot of searching, I’ve found the best travel set comes from Kora Organics. It has all of my favourite products from the brand in airport-friendly sizes.”

“Similarly, brands have started to curate really great travel make-up sets that only include the essentials. I’ve really been enjoying this recent set from Beauty Pie; it has their signature tubing mascara, a cream blush, their collagen lip oil and a glowy highlighter. It also includes a sturdy, metallic travel case that’s still spacious enough to add any extra make-up favourites.”

“Like accessories, I’ll lay my beauty products out on the bed. It helps me visualise everything I’m bringing, to make sure I don’t overpack. Additionally, it makes it easier to maximise my space by packing any extra or breakable bits inside cases and pouches.”

Curate Your Carry-On

“Once you’ve thought about your main suitcase, it’s time to turn to your in-flight bag. Will it be a tote or a weekender? Tusting has an incredible selection of options. For instance, I always bring an extra empty bag in my suitcase in case I buy any larger presents for friends and family back home.”

Mini Marvels

“The last thing I pack is my handbag. I bring a little in-flight make-up case with a few essentials – I love the Rhode peptide lip treatment and moisturiser. I also have a gorgeous passport case and travel wallet, which I’ll add along with one pair of sunglasses on a chain to help keep them safe. I pack it the night before, so I’m all set to go. Hopefully, by following this tried and tested process, you’ll enjoy the perks of having a well-edited suitcase with as little stress as possible.”

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