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  • Issue No. 256

How To Style A Ribbed Tank Top

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Off-Duty Denim

Double denim is a great way to switch up your style. If trying out the look for daytime, keep it simple: a white tank layered under a denim jacket is an easy way to prevent it from looking too ‘done’.

Office Linen

Relaxed tailoring has become a key look in our wardrobes – we love the marriage of smart and casual and how it can take us from day to night with ease. For spring and summer, a neutral, slightly oversized linen suit paired with a fresh white tank makes an easy go-to outfit you’ll wear on repeat. Just add black accessories.

Utility Chic

We’ve spoken a lot about the utilitarian trend because it fits seamlessly into a timeless wardrobe. It works best when paired with other simple pieces; try a cargo skirt with a classic striped shirt layered over a white tank for a chic warm-weather look.

Evening Silks

A simple tank really can adapt to any outfit – for evening, it adds a laid-back edge to more formal items in luxurious fabrics. Team with black silk pieces and minimalist sandals for a bit of monochrome magic that makes a quiet statement.