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Josefina Alazraki

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"Casa Raki is about transporting you to my childhood in Argentina and Uruguay. The brand is infused with memories of South America, namely Punta del Este, where I spent summers on the beach with family. I started the brand five years ago and it’s been growing steadily ever since. I was previously a photographer (I still shoot all the brand campaigns), managing the studios at NET-A-PORTER and MATCHESFASHION, before creating Casa Raki, based on years of absorbing fabric and fit details in the studio. Chic linens in classic styles, lots of co-ord sets and relaxed, understated silhouettes are reminiscent of the style in Punta del Este."

"In my own life, with work and children, I focus on classic pieces that are elegant and functional. This is very much consistent with the Casa Raki ethos – we keep function and form in mind, while retaining the Latin, sexy element. We are always going back to our South American roots and highlighting the culture through designs and cuts. We concentrate on pieces that can transition easily from beach to evening to summer in the city, so you can move with ease in warmer weather, wear them in Buenos Aires or on the beach in Uruguay."


"I always consider handbags as investment pieces and gravitate towards heritage brands. I look for styles that will stand the test of time, from both a design and quality perspective. I also think you can really have fun with accessories, taking risks that you might not with your clothing. My favourites, which are perfect for summer, are Loewe’s Paula’s Ibiza bag or a denim Chanel bag, for a timeless aesthetic, but updated in funner fabrics or colours."


"My style has changed so much over the years – most poignantly, when I arrived in Europe and started embracing what I left behind in South America. I’m now a big fan of loose trousers, a cropped top, flats, a poncho, earthy colours – and I bring it all to Casa Raki. South America is always the start of the inspiration journey for me. My favourite style of jean is a straight, high-rise style from ARKET. It’s the best high-street discovery! I also love the Agolde Riley cropped style; being short, it’s great to find shorter-length options as they tend to work best for me."


"I stopped wearing heels after lockdown. To be honest, I only wore them to go out in the evenings and now I can’t even do that! As a mother of twins with a business to run, I value comfort and ease these days. Also, as I get older I feel confident enough in myself that I don’t have the need to add the extra centimetres to my life. I love the Hermès Oran sandals because they dress up everything and give that element of timelessness to any outfit, very much in keeping with the Casa Raki ethos. They are the perfect match to almost everything in my wardrobe, which makes them my go-to sandals."


"Casa Raki takes you to Bogotá this season as we continue our tour of my home continent, seeking to highlight the unique cities and places I love to explore with each collection. The season’s styles and colour palette highlight Bogotá’s vibrant culture. We really focused on linen styles for late Latin nights, putting a slightly sexier spin on the fabric. I grew up on the beach and I love designing pieces for the place I love the most that reminds me of home and family. I also love being able to weave stories of South America into the brand, telling the tales of the continent’s most amazing natural phenomena."


"I wear mostly separates; I started creating a lot of co-ords in linen for Casa Raki and I like having these building blocks to getting dressed, which you can also mix and match. It makes for a very functional wardrobe. However, I do love a good dress every now and again, and this lime green, ankle-length style from our current collection is as elegant as it is comfortable, with just the right amount of feminine touches."


"I own a lot of off-the-shoulder pieces. My shoulders are the part of my body that I love showing the most. I feel it is a very seductive part of a woman’s body and I design a lot of Casa Raki tops around this. Having my hair short makes the neck super-visible, so I love the combination of an off-the-shoulder top paired with more masculine trousers."


"I style our best-selling Natalia trousers with everything, I even wear them in the winter when I’m at home. They pair perfectly with a thin jumper or oversized shirt for a more relaxed look, and they can also be great for a night out with a crop top. I think the reason they sell so well is because they are so adaptable and comfortable. We have been doing them for over three years now and they just keep flying out every season."


"I wear a lot of Daphine jewellery. It’s one of my favourite brands and I can’t get enough of their collection. Their Oli and Cosmos hoops are my biggest treasures. I just love the fact that they’re timeless pieces that go well with everything. I also love my vintage Rolex, given to me by my mother, originally a gift from her mother. It’s beautiful and I love that it has been in the family for so long."