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Cut-Out Dresses

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A forever wardrobe doesn’t mean saying no to trends, but rather, considering how they could slot into your style and taking a little time before you invest in them. That’s exactly what we’ve done with the cut-out. A perennial summer trend, if done right, it can turn a simple dress into a statement piece you’ll wear forever. These are the W. ICONS tips for getting it right.

Top Tips

Keep it neutral. Stick to classic, neutral colours like black, white and navy.

Beware of placement. When you try on a piece with cut-outs, move around in it to see how they’re affected by movement and ensure they don’t reveal more than you’d like.

Dress it down. As a statement, a cut-out piece is best approached using the high-low method; pair with low-key sandals and accessories.

Top Tips

Think about underwear. Put some thought into your undergarments to make sure they don’t peek out of your cut-outs!

Less is more. Opt for subtle cut-outs that show a snippet of skin and focus on one area, like the back or waist.

Go for a looser, more relaxed fit. Skin-tight pieces with cut-outs have a totally different vibe.