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Summer Hair Saviours

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Summer can play havoc with your hair and scalp. From saltwater and chlorine to sunburn and over-drying, there are so many things that can upset the delicate balance and leave you feeling in desperate need of a hairdresser’s appointment. So, we’ve tried four products that promise to keep them looking and feeling great, all summer long.

Petro Loves
This creamy scrub gently clarifies your scalp without leaving it feeling stripped or sensitive. I have fair hair so use SPF on my scalp during the summer, which can often leave me feeling like I have a lot of product build-up at the roots. This was a luxurious way to get rid of that, without drying out my scalp.
Petro Loves
I find the sun can be very drying on my hair, leaving me with more frizz than usual. This serum is a great pre-wash treatment that adds shine and hydration to my parched lengths. I applied and left on for 15-20 minutes before washing my hair, for maximum effect.
Petro Loves
I love this product – it’s a real staple in my post-holiday routine and great value. After a week or two of sun, sea, sand and swimming pools, I always need something that will restore my hair to its pre-holiday glory. This does so gently, removing the hidden minerals in seawater and chlorine that can strip moisture and alter colour.
Petro Loves
I’ve become more considerate of my scalp as more products made specifically to treat it have come to the market, and I’ve realised that taking care of it has a huge impact on the condition of my hair, too. This scrub sloughs off any dry patches I may have from sunburn, especially at my parting, and leaves my scalp feeling nourished, all with a refreshing, minty scent.