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Post-Holiday Skin Saviours

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Weeks of sun exposure – even with adequate protection – chlorine, saltwater, warmer temperatures and even a holiday diet can cause a plethora of issues, from pigmentation to dryness. So now is the perfect time to give your skin some much-needed TLC. Whether cracked heels are your main concern or you’re in need of a full-body hydration boost, Laura has tested a multitude of products that claim to solve the most common post-holiday skin issues – these are her favourites.

For Dry Skin
My skin can get really dry after a few weeks in the sun, even when I’ve been using lots of SPF. This super-quenching body serum is a really potent source of hydration that absorbs straight away. It leaves your skin feeling really nourished. I even tested its efficacy by using it on one leg and normal moisturiser on the other, and the difference was remarkable.
For A Damaged Barrier
Too much sun exposure, slipping up on my usual skincare routine, and eating and drinking differently during a holiday can lead to my natural skin barrier feeling compromised. This ultra-rich soothing cream is a great way to restore it. Packed with protective ingredients, it can be used morning and night for maximum hydration.
For Peeling Skin
A few weeks in the sun always leads to some flakiness, even if my SPF routine has been stringent. I love to use this nourishing body scrub to combat it. It feels so revitalising and is packed full of oils that leave the skin feeling thoroughly moisturised after use – so moisturised that there’s no need for actual moisturiser.
For Sun Spots
It’s so easy to forget your hands when it comes to SPF – I’m definitely guilty of it – but it really does show when you neglect them. This hand cream contains retinol, to help fight pesky age spots induced by sun exposure, and shea butter to soften and moisturise sun-ravished hands. I’ll be applying it liberally when I’m back in the office.
For Rough Skin
I often find that my face can feel rough and congested after more time in the sun – with small, under-the-skin bumps that mechanical exfoliation isn’t effective on. That’s when I turn to this product. Packed with BHAs and AHAs, it works overnight to gently exfoliate, leaving clearer, smoother skin by the next morning.
For Dull Skin
Once my tan has faded, I often feel like my skin looks a little dull and lacking in radiance. This serum is super-effective at brightening, thanks to its 15% stabilised concentration of vitamin C. I like to apply it in the morning, under moisturiser and SPF, as it has the added benefit of helping protect my skin from daily sun damage.
For Pigmentation
Summer can lead to all sorts of skin reactions and allergies – from heat rash to insect bites. This serum was originally formulated to aid post-surgical scar healing, so is brilliant at fading post-inflammatory discolouration and pigmentation. I had a bad reaction to an SPF when I was away a few weeks ago, which led to blemishes on my cheeks that left subsequent marks. After just 10 days of using this serum, I noticed the marks had lightened significantly.
For Cracked Heels
A summer spent in sandals inevitably leads to dry, cracked heels. These clever socks are a great, hassle-free solution. You pop them on, leave for 90 minutes while glycolic and lactic acid get to work, chemically exfoliating your hard skin, then simply rinse off the residue. The results aren’t immediate – seven days later your hard skin starts to gradually peel away – so we’d recommend timing it so you can wear trainers during the peeling process! The result is baby-soft soles.