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Des’s Back-To-Work Essentials

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As summer begins to wind down, now is the time to ease yourself back into the 9-to-5. But it needn’t be a grind; instead, consider it the perfect opportunity to reinvigorate your routine, rediscover your workwear wardrobe and invest in a few mood-lifting essentials that will help you get back into the swing of things in style. These are the items on contributing fashion editor Des’s wish list.

“A blazer instantly elevates an outfit to office-chic status.”
“It’s flats only for me, and this rich brown-red colour makes a change from my usual black.”
“High-waisted with a wide leg is so flattering – what’s not to like?”
“Smells fresh and masculine – perfect for the cooler autumn months.”
”I love the masculine feel the utility pockets give this top, which is very my style.”
“This is useful for the smaller work essentials when going from one meeting to the next.”
“An easy way to add a chic touch to my look.”