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  • Issue No. 276
  • Beauty Focus

The Best French Pharmacy Products Under £30

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As avid beauty and skincare fans, the W. ICONS team are well-versed when it comes to French pharmacy buys, having tried and tested many over the years. Known for their efficacy and excellent price point, brands such as CeraVe, La Roche-Posay and Avène lead the charge when it comes to great-value skincare that brings results. Here, the team share their repeat-buy hero products…

Yvonne | E-commerce Manager
“This versatile oil stands as a forever favourite in my beauty regime. It soaks in effortlessly, leaving my hair and skin feeling nourished and soft. I’ll also never tire of its subtle yet luxurious scent (think summer in a bottle).”
Polly | Fashion Director
“I have super-sensitive, dry skin, so finding this micellar water – which removes my make-up and cleans my skin without being harsh and drying it out – was a real win. It also lasts for ages and is easy to decant into a smaller bottle when travelling.”
Elizabeth | Editorial Assistant
“I find it so hard to find a quality cleanser that doesn’t irritate my eyes. This one has a creamy formula that doesn’t sting but still removes every inch of my make-up – no matter how stubborn.”
Phoebe | Social Media Assistant
“This is the only lightweight SPF I’ve found for my sensitive skin that helps my concealer stay in place and doesn’t break me out.”
Emma | Head of Partnerships and Fashion & Beauty Director
“This winter has been particularly harsh on my skin, leaving me with a number of sore, dry patches. Thanks to a formula enriched with hyaluronic acid, this moisturiser has proven to be a nourishing, gentle, yet effective solution.”
Lily | Fashion Newsletter Editor
“I absolutely love this plant-based beauty mist, which simultaneously tightens pores and boosts radiance while refreshing my skin. It’s the perfect in-flight product and is really good at setting make-up, too. Plus, the smell is divine.”
Alexandra | Senior Newsletter Editor
“When I’m experiencing a period of congested skin, this is always the first product I reach for. It soothes existing blemishes, reduces redness and swelling, and also prevents new breakouts from appearing, without being drying or abrasive.”
Laura | Co-Founder & CCO
“I love having my nails done, but sometimes, back-to-back appointments can be hard on my nails. I recently discovered the French brand Manucurist, whose products are made from natural ingredients and will last just as long as traditional gels without causing any further damage. I love the Pale Rose shade for a perfect, barely-there spring look.”
Petro | Co-Founder & COO
“I have a naturally quite oily scalp, which means I need a clarifying shampoo that also leaves my long hair looking and feeling nourished. This is the only one I’ve used that constantly manages to keep my hair squeaky clean but beautifully soft.”
Des | Senior Contributing Editor
“This serum is incredibly lightweight while also being super-hydrating, and it works equally well as a base with make-up or on its own. I use it for both my morning and evening regimes.”