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How To Wear White Jeans In Winter

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It’s easy to assume that certain pieces in our wardrobes belong to specific seasons, but often that’s just not true – take white jeans as the perfect example. Traditionally considered a summer-only item, pale denim may feel like something you have to stash away until the sun comes out and temperatures climb. But, actually, all it takes is some considered styling to make them a 365-day option. ‘Fool’s spring’ may be here, but we’ve still got a month or so of official winter to contend with before we’re safely into the new season, which means it’s the perfect time to test out your white jeans – one of the best smart buys around – with these styling hacks.

Top Tips

A Breton striped top and white denim are a match made in heaven, giving off a classic nautical vibe.

Opt for a wide-leg fit for a more contemporary look.

A dark red nail is a great way to bring white denim into the cooler seasons, adding a feeling of jewel-like warmth to your look.

Top Tips

If in doubt, go monochrome. Simple black-and-white pairings are the easiest way to wear white denim.

A camel coat is a great way to add depth to bright white denim and bring in a tonal feel to your outfit.

If pure white feels too stark, go for an off-white or pale cream denim instead.