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The Timepieces To Invest In Right Now

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Polly | Fashion Director
“A watch is something I wear every day, so it’s a real considered purchase and has to go with everything in my wardrobe. I would choose a dark dial – this rich midnight blue would work well with my very neutral wardrobe, and a chunky, masculine design is part of my watches and jewellery style DNA.”
Emma | Head Of Partnerships
“I’ve chosen this Thomas Sabo watch to add to my collection because, while watches can be an investment, I also see them as versatile accessories, much like handbags, that I can vary depending on my outfit. I’m building a range of styles across different price points and metals, and this timepiece perfectly complements the silver tones I’m incorporating into my jewellery collection.”
Charlotte | Social Media Director
“I’ve been wanting to invest in a watch for years, and when I buy one, I want it to be something I keep forever. Having a mixed-metal style makes sense to me as it means it will go with any outfit and surpass trends. I’ve always been a gold girl, so only time will tell if I switch to camp silver one day!”
Yvonne | Ecommerce Manager
“I can’t leave the house without a watch; it completes my look and provides comfort every day. With my smaller wrists, I gravitate towards pieces that are delicate and subtle, and this timepiece would be an ideal addition to my collection. Its blend of simplicity and elegance perfectly combines functionality and style, making me feel put together. It’s an investment I would cherish forever.”
Laura | Co-Founder
“I first spotted this watch on Kate Winslet and have thought about it constantly ever since. It really speaks to my own personal style – pulling in classic elements like the Roman numerals and elegant casing, as well as more modern statement touches like this very cool double leather strap. Like Kate, I’ll go for the black colourway because it goes with absolutely everything.”
Petro | Co-Founder
“I am a fan of masculine watches with large faces. Expertly crafted from 316L stainless steel, the Tissot PRX case is both durable and stylish. The sleek design with minimal fuss adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit. This would be an excellent everyday watch that would work well with all kinds of outfits, from a T-shirt and jeans to a suit.”
Lily | Fashion Newsletter Editor
“Not only do I love a man’s watch on a woman, but for me, a timeless timepiece should tell a story, and that’s why I love Vertex. It’s one of the few remaining family-owned watch brands, dedicated to exceptional craftsmanship and inspired by the original watches supplied to British military forces during World War Two. The Vertex M36 symbolises timeless elegance and enduring quality. It’s a modern classic that I know I’ll be able to pass down as an heirloom. I love the interchangeable straps – I’ve lived in the leather one, which gets better with age! What’s more, the brand has the most beautiful boutique in Mayfair, where you really feel a personal connection.”
Des Lewis | Contributing Senior Fashion Editor
“A watch has to work with everything in my wardrobe, so a classic model would always be my choice as it will stand the test of time and complement my monochrome, minimal style. I was given a vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual for my 40th birthday (I had dreamed of owning one for years, so to receive one as a gift was extra-special), and it’s something I will treasure forever and pass down to my daughter.”
Elizabeth | Editorial Assistant
“When I’m looking for a watch, I want something that’s lightweight and delicate. I love how this one has a thin gold strap and small face – at first glance, you might even mistake it for a bracelet. I know that this option will be the perfect, dainty touch to whatever I’m wearing.”
Phoebe | Social Media Assistant
“I love the romantic design of this watch, inspired by the moon and using diamonds as the stars, all contrasted by the bold blue face. The Roman numerals and mother-of-pearl dial make it a piece that can be passed down through generations.”
Alexandra | Senior Newsletter Editor
“While I change my jewellery depending on trends and the time of year, I wear the same watch no matter the occasion or season. This means it has to go with everything from stacks of summer shells to festive partywear. The Navitimer Automatic 36 does just that – the mixed metals, mother-of-pearl face and elegant shape make it extremely versatile (plus the straps can be changed if needed). It’s a piece with true longevity that I can one day pass down to my daughter.”
Donna | Guest Editor
“I have always really loved the design details of Hermès watches and jewellery. The Nantucket was originally created in 1991 and this variation is super-discreet, chic and forever stylish. The diamonds at the 3 and 9 positions against the lacquered black dial are a fabulous touch.”