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  • Issue No. 282
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NEOUS Founder Vanissa Antonious’s Most-Wanted Summer Pieces

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“Simplicity at its best – nothing beats a tank as a core piece of a versatile wardrobe.”
“Practical and beautiful, everything that Studio Dévé creates has such tactility and stunning forms. I love her approach to design and creating treasured memories through pieces.”
“There is something so sumptuous about wearing suede in summer, and each season I like to include a sandal that is created with this casual-yet-chic aesthetic. I love browns with red and whites as key colours to wear in the sunshine. The Ibor flat sandal is effortless, perfect for gliding through summer.”
“I find that menswear has beautiful summer tailoring which looks fantastic on women. I love the lightness of these straight-leg trousers, as well as the colour, fabric and texture.”
“This perfume is a very dreamy scent – I like that it’s uplifting and feels bright.”
“We have just introduced a new member to the Neous Phoenix range of signature heirlooms. This is one of my favourite pieces that we have created. Compact, distinguished and it works with literally everything.”
“This brand’s approach to creating curiosity-based sculptural objects is refreshing, and the fluid forms are something I relate to. Fourth Street is Sydney-based, and I always enjoy seeing independent brands from my hometown.”
“I am always looking for pieces that embrace contentious and purposeful design with a distinctive difference. I love the unexpected irregular shape, and all the colours work so well together.”
“This piece taps into nostalgia from my youth – and I love that it's revisited yet elevated.”
“Monument has stunning selections of curated furniture and art-led objects. These brutalist lamps are classic and sculptural. We love the approach to building thoughtful environments with design-lead presence.”
“I am drawn to vibrant colours with textures for home furnishings that provide comfort. This blanket immediately feels warming, visually and functionally. Its inviting quality is so appealing.”
“Each piece is handmade and I really believe in crafted functionality with aesthetically strong contemporary design. These feel playful and vibrant.”
“This is the perfect summer colour. It was designed to evoke a sunny and surreal play on positive vibes, and you definitely feel this is exactly what it connects with.”
“I live by this product. It makes you feel soothed and restored.”
“I always look for highly constructed jackets that can complement the strength and beauty of an artistically crafted handbag. This compact wool jacket has an elegant neckline, yet feels relaxed and timeless.”
“I love mixing in red with my neutrals. This column skirt is a classic but with more.”